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Hassles in Retrieving Answer To Security Question

I seem to forget my Security Question, so I sent a mail to Fiverr Support

I got a reply to provide a scanned copy of my government issued ID and my Security Question

I did the scan and uploaded my government issued ID card, as well as the Security Question

But Lo and behold I got a reply to provide details of my Payoneer account, WHICH I HADN’T OPEN… So I replied that I have no Payoneer account

But they insisted, saying I should check the Payoneer account Account Activity > Funding Sources once I logged in to the Payoneer account they also added that I should not send a screenshot

So I played along … open a Payoneer account… Successfuly, but then I can;t find the Account Activity > Funding Sources Here is a screenshot of my Payoneer Account below

So guys what can I do afterall … this seems to be a Cat and Rat chase… what can I do Please for this to get resolved. Where is the Account Activity > Funding Sources?

Mod Note: Some Images were removed from this post. Please don’t post any sensitive information

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So create One NEW Payoneer account and send its details in the reply.

Did that… Cant find the details they are asking
Account Activity > Funding Sources

This is a public forum… You should blur out identifying information in the screenshots above. Good luck!

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Yeah… thought of that… but then what’s the worse that’s gonna happen… someone hacks into my Fiverr account or what?..

Thanks anyway

Meanwhile, any help from you on my issue?

You see that Payoneer logo on the top left ?! just below it there are two titles : Activity & Receive, click over Activity and a submenu will appear, click view transactions, screenshot it and send it to CS. Please do not share these screenshots in public as nikavoice has just advised too.

Edit: Funding Sources will be found in the same Activity submenu too.


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Great, Thanks… Mods have put my post on check… Thanks all … I hope I get to end of the matter.

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No worries, some procedures require further information and ID verification, and it’s done just once. Fiverr Customer Support always respond fast.