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Hate buyers they make fool

It 8th time when a buyer inbox me and said that he will order me but i have to send a sample before that. But when i send him the logo and after plenty of hour he is not logging in back. Why buyer do this. And this happens before i had send him the logo. Why buyers are behaving like that.


Either they don’t like the sample you send so they go to someone else, or if you are sending custom samples then they are probably taking them and using them without paying for them.


No actually they just inbox me and never come online again. They ordered me to create sample and they don’t even give a look to them.

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So you cannot expect anything else from some stranger on the internet.

Stop sending them samples.

Tell them to pay you the very small fee of $5 for a sample. That way they will still go away but you have not given them anything.

People do not appreciate you when you give them something free.
They do not respect you.


They are only buyers if they actually buy something.


I think seller with fake buyer request check how other do this.

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In my tenure on 5r, I’ve never asked for free samples or any samples, for that matter.

Buyer: Can you give me free sample?
Seller: No.

Buyer: Can you lower your price?
Seller: No

Buyer: I’d like to cancel this order.
Seller: No.

Problem solved. :grin:


Buyer haven’t checked my sample. You are not getting it. Please read it.

There are a lot of people who message you and ask you things and they never have any intention of buying your gig. They really have no interest in it.

They just want to waste your time. I don’t know why they do it. But they do it.

Stop trusting that the people who message you are decent nice honest people who are really interested in your gig. Some are but some are not.
They are just pretending to be interested in it.

All you can do is not be eager to do things like give them free samples thinking it will lead to a sale.


Buyer: * left a 3.7 star review *

Yeah, Problem solved. :grin:


Is free samples season!

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No free samples, no price negotiation = probably won’t order, if they do . .

Seller: Returns favor with 3 :star: or below with explanation.

//Scam artist will seek you out, if you’re afraid to make a stand. This is your business, potential buyers only have much power as you give them.

It doesn’t matter if you are self employed or part of a chain like Wal-Mart or Target, when you’re dealing with people, there is always few sour grapes. No, you won’t win every time, even when you follow the rules, you may still lose.

Some sellers are a magnet because people share information. There was an article writer here, Swedish - I think, who was a TRS but fell to level 0 before completely losing his account. Scammers had website sharing information on how to get free work from him.

If you let bad people get away with free work then it will happen again and again, like him. If you stand your ground, easier said then done - I know, but the word will be “Stay away from this seller, he won’t cancel.”

I don’t have gigs here, but I buy here often and sell on Amazon. I have my fair share of bad, cheating buyers. You have more power on 5r than I do on Amazon. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for suggesting. Really very helpful.

Hope this will not happen again. And i will not give any samples to any buyers without purchasing my gig.


I am wondering why you don’t just watermark the samples you send. I provide samples, all the time. I just slap a big watermark across it, so it cannot be stolen. If the buyer wants to see, without the watermark - I send them a custom order to pay. If they do not pay - I move on.


I agree :eyes:

or “hey give me a sample with this 5 photos” warning!!! :radioactive:

Fake buyer are making fiverr requests useless. Unhappy.

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I had one today with the “I’d like to cancel this order” … he left a 1 star review. It’s so frustrating because were on false arguments, I contacted fiverr CS team and they saw that I delivered what was promised… but still, nothing to do with the 1 star review…

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Maybe you can see the problem if I change a few words…

It 8th time when I cross against red light and car runs my ass over…

Most folks would stop crossing against the light after 1, maybe 2 times.

Don’t work for free

Fake buyer just ruined this marketplace, fiverr should give an option to report a buyer from seller.