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Hate comments on personal Facebook profile


Hey all,

I received earlier this evening some hate comments on my Facebook profile and cover pictures (since they are Public) by a guy named ******* ********** (obviously a fake name). He went from “I’ll get your Fiverr account blocked” to cussing and mentioning my country (Kosovo) as how we are refugees and my religion (*******). However, I reported him to Facebook for harrasment and everything else.

I don’t know if any of my “bad” clients would do such a thing but I was wondering if you guys encountered a similar case to mine?
Mod Note: Name removed. Religion reference remove,


Sadly yes. A scammer I refused to refund a while ago decided to go all out with hate on SM. All you can do is block and report such users like you already have. You should also contact CS with proof of the harassment. Even if the user is using a fake user name, CS will at least (theoretically) be on your side should someone attempt to report you for any reason.


Unfortunately, I forgot to screenshot the comments. I deleted them because they were very sensitive and blocked the user immediately. I could’ve gotten them via email but I got the notification emails disabled.


Then now you will just have to sleep with one Fiverr eye open… :grimacing:


There is hope after all. That guy commented on my pages as well, so I send a message to Fiverr CS. Also, commented just now on another picture. Sent that as proof as well. Messaged him there and hoping to find out who he is.