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Hate Spam?


It’s an easy way to waste time. I’ve seen hundreds of spam posts, looked at the seller profiles later, and they either have 0-few sales or have been banned. At least on this forum, spam is worse than useless.


But it’s easy!!! (and delicious)


Thanks a lot for this amazing tip.


But, Emma, I suspect that some of the worst offenders don’t even eat pork and chicken lips, the 2 main components!


very useful :slight_smile: thank you


Well said! It is true that new people often have low prices for really cool services on Fiverr. I have also found interesting gigs at the ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ section as a buyer.


My comment was removed because I didn’t pay attention to the rules and decided to spam.


A pleasant idea. If ever I see problems with people’s gigs as I’m browsing Fiverr I’m always sure to make them aware of it via a polite message. Us sellers need to stick together!


It’s sad and frustrating to see this helpful and thoughtful thread
getting spammed. Fonthaunt started this thread to help people like you,
and yet you spam. Please read what fonthaunt has written up there, and
make sure you post in the correct category!


This is just spam, not an actual request for help with the gig.


Very Good Stuff, Thank You So Much !


any one tell me how can i report a spam buyer?


good tips …


LOL, dear.


Easy - Yes, Delicious - No Idea (Never tasted it)
Time Depleting - Yes


Very good. Many new sellers are not even aware of what spamming is.


Mark his message as a spam. That’s all you need to do.


If you don’t know what’s in it (food version!) and you don’t have dietary restrictions, it really isn’t that awful if smothered in some kind of sauce.

I am the pickiest of eaters though, and I don’t eat any kind of meat anymore. I don’t even like to see a can of the stuff. Cheap, plentiful and annoying, just like the digital version! :smiley:



I’m going to back this up with $. I’m going to watch the Improve my Gig
category for anyone offering legitimate ideas to help others with their gigs.
Don’t advertise there, just help with ideas. Even if you are brand new, you will see things to help with.

Bad at graphic design but good at marketing? Offer tips on someone’s tags or title. Bad at video but good at written English? Help with someone’s spelling. You get the idea.

I’m going to pick at least one person (any level 0 to all) from the helpers and buy a gig from them. If I get delivery as promised, I’ll leave a stellar review. EXTRA consideration for responses to posts that have no responses yet or few helpful responses. Spammers will not be considered. I’ll start watching right now! :slight_smile:


I can’t help but feel you might have opened up your inbox to a small avalanche of custom order offers despite your caveat…