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Hate the fact that I am giving away money for a living and nobody wants it!

I built a website that allows U.S. residents to make $30 in just 2 easy steps, and I pay what I would make if one person did the 2 steps to keep it running, but people blow it off like they have better things to do than make some easy money. You can only do the offer once, but hey it’s extra money!!!

True Marketing for the People,

Chris Ferbert

M.I.S.B.O. Promotions

I feel your pain Chris. Why don’t you slip $30 in a brown envelope and send it to:


C/O England

Anything I can do to help.



You can tip me $30 if this makes you fell happy!


lol I really wish this opportunity was world wide…but I know it will pickup with the more reviews I start bringing in.