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Hate to Complain

I never thought I would say this… but why do I have to wait so [edited] long for my money to clear? What good does it do to give a customer a 2 week window to cancel and get a refund? WTF. I’ve got 500 dollars pending clearance, and I can’t even go out and buy bread. I’m going to be writing articles literally starving waiting for my money so I can eat. Sometimes I really question what I am doing on this site.

So you’ve been here for nearly a year and a half, had more than 300 reviews, and you are just now realizing how long you need to wait for payment to clear?

Don’t depend on Fiverr for your only income. Maybe that is the problem since you seem to have been a seller for a long time and have many positive reviews.

So what is the real problem about now?

Once you get going, you won’t even notice the 2 week period especially if you’ve for $500 waiting to clear.

It’s like any other job, you don’t get paid right way, you get your paycheck 2 weeks after you start. Pretty standard with most companies. It’s just the same thing.

You would soon get use to it. All you just need is proper planning so you have money to buy bread when your money is clearing.

Exactly what Adnagam said…

Reply to @sincere18: I don’t think anyone is denying that the forum is both for sellers and buyers. It is pretty obvious that webtelly point was about creditability, not who can use the forum.

I agree that it is too long, however if there is a legitimate reason, Fiverr could put out this flame with a little transparency.

Thank you all. I was not meaning to whine. I guess my point, sincere18, is that it is MY money. I don’t need money management lessons from Fiverr, or you for that matter; although your sincere effort to help is not unappreciated. Fiverr is not a bank, and as a pseudo-financial processor of funds, it skirts a real ethical issue with tying up people’s money for so long. Furthermore, I’m not really sure where your motivation is coming from, given you have no level, no reviews, and no gig to speak of. Are you gunning for some kind of internal position at Fiverr? If so, then have at it, but I don’t need moral or money lessons at this point. Thank you.

Thank you for curing my urge to rant. You have all made me feel so much better. I got the same amount of empathy here as I would have from trying to walk down the street on my rear end. Thank you all, really, your wisdom goes beyond the hills and the trees, which are much kinder by remaining silent.

Yes I totally agree! Why is this??? Other freelance website give you access to the funds right away once the work was approved and released by the client! Something needs to change-I don’t get it either!!!

Reply to @webtelly: What were you expecting? Fiverr has been around for many years and has always worked this way. It doesn’t seem so likely that they are going to change all of a sudden, does it? People complain about this all the time. And you seem to have been a seller for more than a year with plenty of sales, so what is the real issue?

Reply to @annai80: What other websites? And how much have you earned with those other websites on a regular basis?

Reply to @sara1984: Sorry to hear about your illness of course, I hope you are feeling better.

But the issue that you are describing, is not so much a Fiverr issue but more of a personal money management issue.

If you worked a regular job, and had to be off a few weeks, then went back to work, you would have to work 2 weeks before you get your paycheck as well. It’s kind of the same thing. You can certainly go direct and create your own freelance website and do your own advertising if you want the instant and direct payments, so that could be an option as well.

It is really annoying. I’ve had to take several periods off due to illness in the last seven months, and each time I’ve restarted, have had to wait that two and a half weeks to get paid. Each time I really needed the extra cash. Sucks when you’re getting through the orders yet still have to count the pennies in your penny jar to buy a coffee or something to eat.

I completely agree. 2 weeks to 17 days is entirely too long to wait for income that has already been earned. I disagree with this being like “any other business” in that you get paid every 2 weeks. This isn’t some company that we get health insurance and taxes taken out for. We are freelancers using the site to connect with buyers. Fiverr gets their fees automatically. The two week clearance period isn’t necessarily out of the norm for other freelancing sites, but nonetheless ridiculous given the only real protection offered for buyers comes from PayPal or their payment provider.

I’m with you on this one @webtelly

Reply to @gingerwriter: But if it’s not out of the norm for freelancing sites, why do you think this protocol exists with many different sites? There must be some kind of back-end reasoning behind it, especially if Fiverr isn’t the only one.

Reply to @webtelly: You started your complaint about not being able to buy bread, what would you like people to think about that part?

And these discussion forums are for both buyers and sellers, not just sellers.

Reply to @sincere18: It would be again forum rules to say which websites. If they are the usual ones the filter will fragglesrock them anyway.

I believe that they do it that way in order to protect themselves in the event a buyer uses a fraudulent Paypal account, or request a refund through Paypal. So if Fiverr has to refund the money, they refund the seller’s money, and not theirs.