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Hateful scammer threatening to sue me

Hi Fiverr Forum,

A few days ago, I have had a terrible experience with a hateful and abusive scammer and would like to share and learn from you guys how to handle situations similar to this. Sorry for long text.

The scammer offered me a promise of a “highly valuable service worth of a month’s income” if only we could communicate securely via Telegram or Chat Secure. I explained politely that it’s against ToS in case he didn’t know ( He joined fiverr Sept 2017). The scammer insisted that he “doubts Fiverr could be that secure” and that rules/ToS should not stand in the way, so “we” should find a” genuine and honest approach than mere legalities” (??!!). He said that “legal rules…are legit if they don’t go against the core ethical code” and I should forget about the legalities “before [he] can even consider [me]”. That was a bit strange because I never sent an offer to him in the first place.

I replied politely that I am not interested, and he doesn’t need to consider me. Besides, he could get help from many other sellers. He didn’t accept the rejection and kept messaging. I asked him if he could stop contacting me. I also told that I reported to Fiverr about his inappropriate behavior. As you know, rejection hurts, so this demon was extremely upset and started accusing me of being a rule stickler with a “restricted mindset” and he, personally, had… “

Already initiated talks with Fiver but [I] stand permanently banned from being in service to [him/her]”

, meaning he was reporting me on his end of the conversation. I was so relieved thinking that was end of it, so I said thank you and goodbye. In the meantime, CS replied to my ticket that there is no way to block this user other than to continue to “Report" him. But the thing is, he could still contact me despite me having reported him. I think when you report someone once, the “report” button does not show again alongside any later messages from the scammer. Interestingly , he/she didn’t want to be the last person with an unanswered message, so if I said, “thanks”, “goodbye”, or “ok”, scammer would still write something back. Next day I received this:

“Notification against misuse of personal conversations – This is to Notify the unfit rejected personnel that whatever conversations carried on with **********are ******’s personal private and confidential conversations and no one in any way is authorized to use or disclose any part of it or even a word of it in any manner. Violation of this code is violation of decency and a highly punishable offense which may lead to strict legal action and prosecution in the Court”

I replied “thanks” and asked requested that he doesn’t contact me further cause I don’t want to waste time replying to his/her messages but I was getting so enraged having to reply to this deranged person just to keep my response rate and time in good shape. I told him I’ll report again and I got this creepier message…

A person when self-exposed with that kind of behavior as yours is never contacted but just given a termination which you have already received. Now committing any mindless privacy crimes of posting m uh conversations on any forums is just to going to make you more of a criminal.

CS informed me that they have taken action against him/her. Don’t know what kind of action but I am glad for their help dealing with the troll.

So what kind of disturbed soul is this? Could it be:

(a) New user having no knowledge of Fiverr and code of conduct?
(b) A competitor who wanted to deliberately provoke me so that I get an account ban or restriction (Note that he/she also kept reporting me on his end of the conversation; he wanted to keep his response rate; he continued with bad behavior despite warnings cause he has nothing to lose in a fictitious profile; Also reading from between the lines, she/he apparently has some rudimentary knowledge of law/legal writing). He also started playing victim and boasting that he “rejected”, “terminated” me from his services and I lost a big deal.
© Just a Scammer (but I doubt it is a scammer cause they usually shun away when they are discovered and there is no prospect of getting money).
(d) A previous buyer who liked my services and wanted service out of fiverr (I have my guess).

Why would anyone spend so much energy and time to write hateful, threatening messages to strangers?


There are odd people everywhere - Fiverr is no better or worse than everywhere else in the world.

Take care! :sunny:


I would have ended all communication with him right away.


Same here. Hit report every single time and ignore him.


Thanks,I tried to the conversation very but the thing is, this little mean scammer, did not want to end the conversation despite several requests.

Don’t “try to end it”, just end it. Stop responding.


Surely, I will do that.

Wouldn’t that affect response rate/time?

No, you only have to respond once and after that you can stop.

Let me explain something. As soon as you get a message like that first sentence you should know immediately that this is not something you should respond to but you have to say SOMETHING at least one time, so say as little as possible such as No I’m not interested in this.

Then say nothing at all to him no matter how many messages he sends.


That was a very juicy conversation, it almost left me liking my fingers. I wonder why I never get one of those “buyers” in my inbox, it would surely help me utilize the quick response.


As to what kind of individual it is, it is a nutjob. :japanese_goblin:


Thanks so much @misscrystal . I wasn’t sure about that,
I was so annoyed that he did not accept my refusal to work with him and kept spamming my inbox. Apart from my concern for response rate/time, I absolutely have no reason to respond further to his/her messages.

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I really would not worry about people threatening things like that. Anyone who actually would take legal action knows the costs involved and therefore wouldn’t throw it out as a threat, given that it makes them look idiotic.


I agree, the threat is not real.
I think he is just a litlle idiot out there.

Some people refuse to take no for an answer. Big mistake.

Don’t worry about his threats to sue you. Lawyers are not going to waste their time with a case they can’t win or even settle.

Besides, there are no damages here. You refused to work with him, end of story. He should have moved on.

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Yes, if you reply just once then it doesn’t count against you as far as response rate. After that nothing works as well as ignore.


@misscrystal, as they say in Texas, this clearly is not your first rodeo. LOL


I just hit the Report button if someone acts suspiciously, so the buyer is ignored and can’t contact anymore. Problem solved!

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There are these type of people everywhere :confused: the best you could do is just ignore and report them.

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I don’t thing replying to message has much to do with keeping your response rate and time in good shape. If so, a conversation should be continued to the eternity. Sometimes I have this type of experience too and I stop it at the first place,

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