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Have 2.8K views


There have a 2.8K views for one of my gig but not any orders yet.
Is there any else with my gig( https://■■■■■■/873uxu )
Hope your ideas,


I have a similar issue, I have so many clicks and views just two orders Social Media Management & Marketing Gig , I guess its because no one wants to take the risk with so little reviews. Any one recommend a way to progress or is it just a waiting game as its such a saturated market place?


Would remove “the gentlemen choice” from under your username. Check other seller’s profiles for ideas but do NOT copy them.


That means your gig is eye catching, which is a great start! You might have to revise your description and/or profile if people aren’t ordering, though.


I didn’t copy from others.


Thanks for advising.You are great.


I wasn’t suggesting that you had copied others. Just advising you to look at other profiles for ideas and if you saw something you liked to not copy it but write something similar to describe you.