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Have 5+ year Expirence But No Client

I Have 5+ Year Experience but i Create New Account on Fiverr thats why I Have No Any Client.
Am Trying on Buyer Request But Faild.
Someone Reply me of my Offer but not Order me…
Please Suggestion me Best Ways to get Clients.

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Hi, Shehery. When people are looking to hire, it generally isn’t just an issue of expertise.

A brief glance at your page makes it clear that you aren’t a native English-speaker and that may make English-speakers hesitant to do business with you because they’ll worry about being able to communicate what they want effectively.

My suggestion would be to have someone edit your work to make the services you offer clear. You can also practice English more on your own so you can improve if you want to target English-speaking customers.

It would also do you well to look through Fiverr’s resources. They have a lot of information on how to optimize your gigs.

Continue to use of the Buyer Request section. Out of the first 100 offers I sent, I only made 5 sales. I had 2-3 more replies, but that’s fine. Not everyone is looking to hire immediately.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


You have 5+ years experience but you don’t mention that on your profile. You would appear more trustworthy if you could include how you learned your skills i.e which university you went to etc.

I really don’t like the bit about you not wanting to make any of your clients angry. Made me think you have made clients angry before and it was off putting. Maybe reword that to “I like to ensure that my clients are completely satisfied with my work”. (I can’t think of a better word than satisfied at the moment because it’s too early).

For your Photoshop gig I’d suggest some real transformations in your pictures. You are showing the easy things people probably already know how to do in Photoshop. What if someone came to you and wanted all the things you offer in one picture for $5? It would be a lot of work, would you be happy to oblige at that rate? I’d offer some tiers here if I were you!

There are a few grammatical mistakes in your profile by the way.


Very thank Realy my english is very bad i know.

thanks for your Opinion i will do better now.

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