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Have 7 active gigs, not a single order!

Hi everyone!

I opened my Fiverr account, watched all the videos, read all the advice, instructions and guidelines, but I still seem to have almost no orders. Analytics also keep showing zero impressions.

I have been writing for the last 22 years, and could really use the gigs esp during covid. But not a single order! Sighs.

My profile is

Anyone out there in the same boat? Or were where I am now? Any tips? Words of advice?

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Looks like you joined just this month, analytics are daily and show up every 24 hours, it can be tough when you’re just getting started, Fiverr isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, some people go months without getting their first order, I think your descriptions look pretty well-written, have you considered working on branding, customized thumbnails possibly videos?

You’ve got no reviews and for someone just getting started I’d say the prices aren’t that competitive, so possibly working on first impressions might help, the first thing people see is your thumbnail. Good luck!

Having the prices you do, despite your experience, may be off-putting for buyers. You may try lowering your prices until you get some good reviews and then gradually raise them.

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Yes, you are correct - just joined recently. It’s sad to hear that new users could go months without finding a gig…essentially, in practice it could basically mean that by the time we get our first order 6 months down the line, we could realistically be in different positions in our lives and maybe not even looking to work on Fiverr anymore.

I’ve been reading about how the sellers are also marketing their own gigs (with their own money), but even that wouldn’t be successful long term if Fiverr itself doesn’t market itself either. There appears to be a large disparity between the number of available buyers versus number of available sellers.

I agree my prices may not be very low - but I want to be realistic. I am NEVER going to bother with providing “quality” work of around 400 - 1000 words for just $5. It’s impossible to do that. Anyone with expertise and capability cannot justify spending a few hours to deliver quality work - it would essentially translate to less than a dollar per hour, pretty unsustainable long term or short term even.

I was contacted by a seller to offer 136 pieces of text (each between 25 to 45 words) for $10. I offered $25. He hasn’t ordered.

It’s sad to see that clients appear to not really care about “Quality” work as long as they can just pay $10 for it.

I’ll give this platform a try for another week, and then perhaps close my account.

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I see you’re not planning to remain here for the long haul, BUT if you were it would be worth it to consider @vickiespencer 's suggestion and do it. Give a few people bargains for $5-10 then start raising your prices. You wouldn’t be committing to giving away free work indefinitely. As they say, get your foot into the door. Of course, you can’t control whether or not they give feedback, but still…get your foot into the door with the work.

If you’re only going to give it another week, well…

BTW, I don’t provide gigs here anymore because freelancing period is just not my thing. I don’t freelance from anywhere anymore. Good luck to you.


I now sell for $50 what I charged for $5 in the beginning.

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I think perhaps you have a point. I’ll be taking your advice and getting the prices down to start initial sales. Fingers crossed that it works! Thank you :blush:

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That’s encouraging to hear, so I’ll give it another shot for 1 more week. Will lower my prices too, to see if that works. If nothing works after that, well at least I’ll know that Fiverr might not actually be the right platform for quality freelancers :sweat_smile:

Fiverr can be for anyone :wink: it’s all about your entrepreneurial skills.
Nowadays it’s not enough to be just good at something, you also have to be a sales and marketing savvy on top of that.

Opening 7 gigs doesn’t actually do anything, it doesn’t mean you will start getting orders. The same as if you open 7 stores selling handmade soap in suburbs and expecting that all of them will start making money within first 2 weeks when your target audience doesn’t even know that you opened such an amazing quality soap store.