Have a cancelled order request


I bought a gig to put together 27 seconds of video advertising a book package. After one week it was cancelled by the seller, which I think is unfair. (Letting me wait). Again and again I must pay the Fiverr fee and pay conversion charges, but still no result.

Anyone have a remedy? I can re-write your gig for you if you oblige me, as I have a degree in Communications and ten years of experience in copy editing.


You only have to pay the Fiverr fee once.

Nice advertising at the end by the way. I am going to assume that by the way you worded it, you probably do not have 10 years in copyediting.


I don’t need to advertise here, I was merely being nice that is all. If I charged fees just on Fiverr I would not be living here that is for sure! Forum writing is surely excused from the best English? I do have that experience and more, as I am 45 years old and I started working with documents at 18.


Self promotion is only permitted in specific categories of this forum. Please read the forum guidelines, and either edit out the statement or categorize your post appropriately.


I’d advise being sure to check reviews on gigs that you are purchasing to see if the seller has a history of canceling orders. Sometimes things do happy, but I would agree it would have been better if the seller communicated with you. Unfortunately, there is no good solution for this, as it’s a seller by seller basis.

Good luck