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Hello: Guy’s

I am a Buyer and I am new to Fiverr

I’ve read the Little information on Seller’s & Buyers. I 'm still not sure I understand how it works.

When I need to Hired someone to do a job for me. Can someone please explain it to me step by step.

How do I contact you if I have questions? I see your Videos but I don’t know how to contact you.

Thank you


Rudy Johnson


Hi, under the “Order Now” button there is a link that say “contact seller”, use that to discuss what you want and any other questions. You can do that before you purchase to get a clear understanding of the gig. Hope that helps.


Just want to remind you not to give email when u discuss with sellers/buyers. it is forbidden

and since u r new to fiverr, if u want to promote ur gig, i think this gig will help u:

a sample for u:


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You can always contact the seller of the gig you have questions about. I always answer questions asked of me as I’m sure many of the other sells do as well.

Ask away, we’ll be more than happy to answer!


If you have any question just hit contact with seller button under OrderNow Button and fill free to ask your question.


Hello! I need to contact a seller to ask a specific question about what I need to be done but the seller is set to private and I can’t send her a message. How do I contact her without paying upfront to just ask a question? Seems like the only way I can contact her is via he buy now button.

Thank you,


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