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Have a level filter in the search engine

I’m tired of seeing levels scattered everywhere level one here leve 3’s over here and such. I think fiverr needs to implement a level filter for buyers. It’s really not our decision on who the buyer buys from but either way it would be equal because every gig offers something different. If you guys agree with me then give me a comment why or why not. Thanks!

How the system could work is like this, a buyer searches in the category for instance it would be graphics then where it says showing: underneath that would be level 1, level 2, Top Rated. This would allow buyers to easily search for the quality and or the experience of someone who has been on fiverr long enough to give what the buyer truly wants. Yes, I agree the aim is to make some money with fiverr but it is much more than just about making some money its about helping someone with your skills that they don’t have. Give me a thumbs up if you AGREE!

The level two badge does not say a lot about quality. Just experience with Fiverr. A seller might have earned his/her badge with selling a completely different gig. I think it would then make more sense to search on reviews (more than 90% positive for gigs within the category) or experience within the gig-category (a designer who has done more than 25 gigs).