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Have a Look at my Gig and help to get my first buyer!


Hi guys I am miju, You can see I am a bargainer . So just have a look at my gig and help me to get , my first buyer.

Check it out! I will add your amazon product up with super seo for $5 on #Fiverr

Thank you


I would suggest directly getting your first 10 orders through social media and your contacts with business people you know. This will make the starting process faster and get you some reviews behind you. People generally don’t like to be your first order.

I don’t understand what you do and how to offer it. I am not in your space. I would suggest studying what other sellers are doing and how they do it. They have already figured out what to offer, how to offer it and how to describe it.

After reading your description, your English grammar leads me to believe that English is not your native language. I would suggest making sure that it is correct. You are probably a great communicator, but we don’t want people to assume that you are not easy to communicate with because of the way the description is worded.

Your gig offer is great in the fact that has potential for repeat customers. This will help you build a group of frequent buyers. My mix of sales on Fiverr is about 80% repeat buyers and 20% new.

Good luck. Fiverr has been one of the best things that has happened to me! :slight_smile: