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Have a LOW-END PC ? But want to run very high end softwares, we will HELP!

Hello Fiverr Sellers,
My team and me were working on a fiverr gig program where we will be creating a gig and you will get access to a high end pc with all high end programs already installed and we will also be installing them if you want custom softwares. When you buy our gig, we will provide you a login ID and password through which you get access to the computer and you can make video or anything you want on our computer and you can download it from there and if you want to deliver it to your client, you can do that tooo…
Isn’t it a good idea
For prices we are thinking about $1-5 per hour would be fine
And we will have the premium versions of all softwares
PC will be of 16gg-32gb ram and 8-16gb grapgics card
So, please tell if you guys are interested in it, we would launch it in some days
And if you want we will also teach you any softwares you like from our professionals

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I am not so sure. :thinking:

I mean, why would buyers want to purchase your gig for $10-15 an hour when there are services that offer the exact same thing for as little as 50 cents to $1 an hour? Yes, such services too offer unrestricted and unlimited access to a PC with a great build and also offer premium/Pro versions of “all kinds of software products.”

Besides, buyers might also have security concerns with regards to data and information safety. Just saying something along the lines of: “We promise to keep your data safe” is probably not going to cut it.

I really don’t think it is a very sustainable business idea. I’d suggest that you do some more market research before you decide on offering such a gig.

Good luck! :sunny:


But with high end pcs they can achieve what they want in less time and yes we would be providing discounts according to the software they need for use, maybe $5 too… for their complete job

Yeah, the people who offer such services for 50 cents to $1 an hour provide access to high-end PCs too.


Yes, we will think something about this privacy matter as it is very important

But you know according to me on fiverr, no one is working for 8-10 hours for a $5 job, although some new sellers do it but probably they aren’t my target customers
And people who offer something like animations they won’t probably work for 50 cents or 1 dollars per hour and why would a person require a high end pc
Probably for some high end job

You are not “working.” Only your computer will be. You are not going to be doing any work other than providing your buyer access to your PC.

Besides, the services that I mentioned that offer high-end PCs with a lot of premium/Pro software products for 50 cents to $1 an hour are not on Fiverr. A Google search will help you find them.

They are able to offer it for so cheap because they often have a spare PC which they don’t really use as their main PC anymore, and instead of just giving the PC away, they choose to offer such services for peanuts cuz a few dollars is better than nothing. They can also continue to do so with very little investment on the spare PC.


Yes they are offering for 1$ or more but their ease of use is tough and none of them are providing access to some pro or premium services, and they are mostly gaming based

You are missing the fact that someone that is willing to pay $10-15 per hour to connect to a remote desktop does not have a low-end pc or financial constraints.


Yup I have got what you all wanted to say, but we won’t go less than $1/hour
And thanx for the suggestion I have edited it
And everyone thanx for participating in this discussion

people are just going to get a VPS which does not cost 5$ an hour; this will not work

Give it up while you are ahead.

You have a personal PC which you are going to let people use via a remote desktop session. The kind of people who might be interested in this service want to buy from a reputable brand where they can save work and login as many times as they like, whenever they like, for flat monthly fee. They also want to be assured that a service benefits from total security.

What you are offering is an un-secure, overpriced, non-24/7 service at more than quadruple the price of your nearest reputable (off-Fiverr competitor).

No one will buy this gig unless they want to use your PC for malicious purposes or hack you.


You should also check the terms of service/terms of use of any software you would be making available (or contact the companies to make sure) as they may not allow it to be used in that way. Also what if multiple users were using it simultaneously, reducing amount of available RAM (one user might need/use all 32 GB RAM), CPU resources etc? Also would 16-32 GB RAM (assuming they had exclusive access to it) be enough for everyone who wanted high-end PC use?

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There won’t be one pc, there would be 8-9


I think you could need an attorney.


@brenna_n This holds true for this thread, too. Just an FYI. :wink:

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I commend your desire to find original ideas for gigs in Fiverr. It’s a tough job. I saw your whiteboard/spokesperson gig the other day and meant to comment that I thought it looked like a nice idea, and wish you the best of luck with it.

This gig though, please do not invest money in it…

If you search, there’s NOTHING of it’s kind here on Fiverr, not because you’ve found a gap in the market, but because this isn’t the kind of thing you could/should be offering on Fiverr. Like people have said already, this is so full of technical/legal/financial pitfalls that it just isn’t worth the small return. Not to mention the fact that nobody looking to buy this service would do so through Fiverr. All it would take is one report to CS, and not only this gig, but your account, could be gone.

You asked people to give you feedback, and many people have done exactly that. I really hope you listen to what’s being said.


That’s pretty cheap, I pay more for my :peanuts: peanuts. What kind of information do you require?

This sounds tempting, tell me more please.

What makes you better than the rest?

I forgot to say my PC looks like this :arrow_down: :grimacing:
Can you help?


Microsoft Azure personal accounts with 24/7 uptime and 128G of personal disk space (accessible any time) start at just $19.99 per month. This also gets you total security and you know where you are as far as privacy is concerned.

Other services start out at similar price points, which increase as users pick and choose how much power they need for graphics and processing, etc.

Edit: For your particular PC, you may want to consider selling it to a collector for a few $k, before just buying your own high-end PC. :wink:


Oh, Cy! You’re hilarious. :joy:


On a serious note: I’ll look into MZ (reasonable price) because my computer acts like a weirdo at times, sluggish and freezing. When I’m in the middle of doing important work. I’ve got 2 laptops and 1 desktop. I’m not a PC :computer: wiz but I need to do better with upkeeping the maintenance.