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Have a LOW-END PC ? But want to run very high end softwares, we will HELP!

Oh, Cy! You’re hilarious. :joy:


On a serious note: I’ll look into MZ (reasonable price) because my computer acts like a weirdo at times, sluggish and freezing. When I’m in the middle of doing important work. I’ve got 2 laptops and 1 desktop. I’m not a PC :computer: wiz but I need to do better with upkeeping the maintenance.

You might want to try getting the PC you use least and installing a free Linux OS on it. You have to get used to it, but its free and Linux is usually a lot faster and more stable than windows. You just can’t use Windows based software.

These days, I am always shocked when I have to use Windows by how much slower and buggy it is. However, hardware compatibility can sometimes be a nightmare. Try Ubuntu, though, and you might be surprised. :wink:


Everyone thanks for your replies, I have got that this gig idea won’t make any profit but as I get new ideas I will keep posting here and troubling you all…

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Your computer looks better than mine :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, no need of getting another one

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:ok_hand: Ubuntu user here…

The problem is that lately almost all Linux distros - including Ubuntu - are less than perfect when it comes to hardware compatibility and refinement, specially on laptops. This didn’t happen, say, 2-3 years ago.
In any case they still are worth a try, after all it’s easy with a live installlation on a thumb drive.

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Softwares is not the word. Software is both plural and singular.

You’re trying to use Fiverr to sell a product. I don’t see why Fiverr would support that.

I didn’t get you what you were trying to say
and it is not a product

Yes, it is a product. Just because it isn’t a physical object that doesn’t mean it isn’t a product. Your gig is a package of programs that you provide access to, not a service. There is no labour and no project. You are just providing access to programs and it doesn’t look like you have the licensing to do that, anyway.

A service is when someone fixes your computer, not sells you software to use.

By Fiverr likely not supporting this, I mean that if they don’t ban your gig, they aren’t going to favor it in the algorithm because it is inconsistent with what Fiverr is all about: projects which are completed personally by the seller and have a clear end and start date. There is nowhere to rank you, anyway because you don’t fit into what Fiverr sellers and what buyers look for.

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Although I have dropped the idea, so I need not to worry about it

I forgot you were a tech head. :sunglasses: Reading you and @cyaxrex tech talk is intriguing.
Smart Guys! :smiley: