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HAVE a MAJOR issue!


Hello. I pride myself as a fiverr user and recent deliverer of express gigs in getting the job done in a timely fashion. However, I have a major gig to deliver today which would net me a good chunk of cash. And get me closer to level 1. But my webhosts server has come under a DDos attack, and these clowns can’t seem to get their act together enough to ward off the attack and get our site back up and running. My gig is due in approximately 2 hours! What do I do?


@arnevb It’s the hosts server so all sites using that service are experiencing issues.


If it were me I would attempt to contact my buyer – at the library, your phone, anyhow… let them know what’s going on and assure them it will be delivered as soon as your system is up. Promise them a freebie or something. Most people are really cool and understand.


Ok update on this. I delivered the initial order and the extras in the proper time frame. Before that though, I explained to the buyer I’d possibly need an extension due to the ddos attack on our host. I also gave him an extra 2 days of the gig he purchased. I also dropped him some links as proof of the service given. I explained to him that their up-time may vary until this attack is smited. Hence the extra two days.




Thanks guys! I woke up to some good feedback from the buyer that included good communication, on his order - and it was marked as complete!