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Have a nice Friday!


I am Tanja, freelance illustrator and children’s book author now based in Sweden.
I am here on Fiverr for about a year now and I am really happy with the site, income and the whole work process - never experienced anything close to it on other freelance sites.
Never participated in Forum discussions until now, but decided to move my efforts and attention from Facebook to Fiverr community, it must be better for the work and nerves (probably less politics and parenting quarrels, more useful tip exchange:)



Hi Tanja, nice to meet you and have a great Friday!
If you ever miss the quarrels, I´m sure you can find or start some easily :wink: but there´s useful tip exchange still.



Dear Tanja:

What happens when Mom goes for a walk?

Does a dog in the fog eat a frog? Sit on a log? Get stuck in a swampy bog?

Does a fox with a box eat bagels and lox?

I demand that you start sharing your insights as a bookseller on Amazon immediately!


I’m waiting.

You’re my new best friend, and I want to know everything about you!.

Not you personally, but your experience on Amazon!

I am waiting for your prompt reply,

P.S. Bonus item you can do for me because I demanded it: Give me your feedback on this thread: Let Me Show You I Can Write A Lyric!

P.P.S. My previous comments were intended to be humorous in tone, not to scare you off the Forum. Is this thing on? Drops mike…


Dear Blaise, thank you! I am ready to share the insights though I can’t say I am a superstar there, absolutely not. Just about manage.though will be happy to answer any questions!
By the way I offer the letter with the tips for first-time indie writers/publishers for my clients, too.