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Have an Extend Deadline Button

Here’s my story…

My buyer is Danish and I’m English speaking, she constantly clicked request modification. It was more due to communication difficulties and her interpretation of how FB apps work which was compounded by English not being her first language. Consequently she must have clicked the request modification button 15 times or something crazy over 10 days or so.

Anyway at the end of the day I stayed patient with her and even got a 5 star review. But I was penalised with a LATE by Fiverr. I feel the LATE was really unfair penalty when if I had an English speaking buyer I could have delivered the order in less than 3 days like normal.

I proposed she paid $5 to extend the order 10 days as I could tell she simply was not getting anything I said.

It would be a great feature to be able to extend an order at no cost to the buyer when clearly deadline will be missed. It doesn’t happen that much but when it does 99% of the time it’s due to me waiting on replies from buyers who don’t log into fiverr frequently enough.

Have you had experiences like this?

Comment if you think a deadline extension button would be good. Only to be used in extreme circumstances though.

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I seen it suggested many numerous times but never see Fiverr implement it. Not like it would delay their funds as they get them the moment a buyer places an order anyways. Seems weird they wouldn’t implement it.

I have this exact situation happening right now - and this buyer has no language problems, just an order now sitting in my queue as 6 days late, as he won’t give me the information needed to finalise it. SO frustrating!

Or how about on the weekend, when I had a client who decided to change their script after I pointed out a couple of issues with it. No problem, she is a good client, so I offered to do this for free, however, it made the order run late, as I had to wait to get the changes back, then edit them in etc etc. I could have done the order as it was, with the original (not as good script), and got the order in on time, to make fiverr happy. But, because I opted to do what was best for the client (re-record a couple of sections of her voiceover to make it better), I get stung with a late delivery.

We have been waiting for this feature for a long time. As I can se, Fiverr is so slow to implement a feature, we can expect in future but not very soon.

Maybe Fiverr are too busy working on bugs.There are bugs across fiverr in many different places take for instance my initial post above. I’ve just returned to see you replies and low and behold 4 image attachments are showing which I never even uploaded. Where and how on earth did they end up on my post as if I had posted them.

Can you guys see them? I just tried to “detach” one and it didn’t work. Really random.

Found this thread while searching for info on extending a deadline, and this is only the newest of a whole long list of threads with the same request - Fiverr needs to allow mutual extension of deadlines! There are threads going back to 2013 asking for this and nothing has been done about it.
In my case, I got swamped by a whole bunch of orders at once and can’t get through them all before the deadlines. I don’t want to penalize my buyers by charging them more money, but I don’t want my rating to plummet either! (And yes, I have since extended my gig timelines to prevent this happening in the future.)