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Have any of you seen a percentage drop for Orders Completed?


Have any of you seen a percentage drop for Orders Completed? I have completed all orders and I am usually at 100%. It suddenly dropped to 92%. I think this happened to me once before and it was a bug. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this today. It just happened this morning.

Thanks everyone!

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Yes, I’m having this issue. Dropped to 86% from out of the blue. Never happened before.


Crazy! Okay, thanks for letting me know. I just submitted a support ticket to Fiverr!


Weird, I did have the response rate bug and I definitely know the numbers of those random drops that had hit me were exactly 92% and 86%. Seems the bug now found out that other rates taste good too. :confused:


I have already got in touch with CS, let’s see how it goes…

@miiila, the response rate bug… well, I stopped paying attention to it. Suddenly, it drops with no justification whatsoever. CS has fixed mine two times, but it just keeps happening anyway. And since it doesn’t seem to have an effect on my gigs…

The completion rate, however, may be a different case.


Yes the same issue I ll sign my ticket today


same here. dropped to 97%.

is it a bug, or did Fiverr change some attributes to better reflect mutual cancellations?? :smiling_imp:


Same with me. Dropped to 94 %. I was always on 100%


Same here, 85% (from 99%).


guys, it’s not a bug:

Fiverr CS got back to me and had this to say:

"Hi ,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. The Order Completion Rate you are currently seeing is the correct rate from the last 60 days. The rate also includes all cancellations, including mutual cancellations. Now, I understand that this might be a bit of a shock, but please keep in mind that these stats you are seeing on your account is for your internal use only, and no one else sees these ratings. It’s to help you track your account progress on orders and account.

If you have any questions, please let us know."


I bet they changed something and we’ll have to deal with it.

I checked my analytics page and there’s this:

So, yes, something is not right.


Yep, there it goes…


Yea, but:

Order completion impacts your business.


Yes same!


preach! So don’t freak out as buyers cannot see that metric, but at the same time, if you keep offering mutual cancellations, your gig will start to lose its placement on search results.



Same here - from 100% to 95% - on analytics page is 1%.


Thanks @michael78781 for the alert and @frank_d for the explanation!

Mine is at 98% now, because of one order cancelled by Customer Support (the buyer was accidentally charged twice for the same order, so one got cancelled). So, with the “Order completion impacts your business”, are we to be punished for Fiverr glitches, too?


Yes, but a few cancellations should not drop orders completed that much. Not freaking out :slight_smile: Just want to confirm others are noticing the issue. I am sure Fiverr support will have more insight on this.


Hopefully it will not affect our search rankings if it is indeed a bug.


@catwriter seems like there’s no discrimination between legit cancellations and sales gone south, “let me save myself from a bad review” type situations.

I remember when Fiverr implemented the mutual cancellations tool back in the day and they kept telling us:

“those are perfectly safe, and we will not count them towards your gig’s standing”