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Have any option to get work more in this market place?

Actually I need more job for fill up my $400 target. I’m little anxious about my level. Please suggest me or advice me.

Seems like you are ok and doing well. :grinning:

That monthly evaluation period does not matter when it comes to level up. It is at least 10 and 400 (all time), not within a given month according to Fiverr.

The monthly evaluation level has just passed, so don’t panic. You’re doing great. Seven orders and $116 is a great start!

If you need any advice about how to get started and increase your orders, use the :mag_right: button in the corner to find useful tips from many previous sellers. It’s a great resource to find information out, because chances are, you won’t be the first to have had that question!

Good luck. I hope you increase your orders and total money earned to the point where you can level up next month!