Have any problem on fiverr


Have any problem on fiverr next 5 hr ?
Please tell me anyone


Didn’t get any news about that is there anything ?


Thanks for information


Same no issue with me also…


I have one. I’ve asked a seller continuously not to contact me or send me custom offers. They are still sending them and I’ve told them two different times to stop the offers. Is there a way to mark them as harassment or report them? It is very annoying and unprofessional!!


Sure there is. :slight_smile: -> Customer Support

Block seller

Thank you. I do readings for people on here and I used them to send my clients to while I’m on vacation. What happened was the exact opposite of what they said. I think they are mad bc I left a bad review. :flushed:


Well, if you told them to stop it and they won´t, it´s a good idea to let Customer Support look into it, I guess. There should actually be a ‘report’ flag as well in the right upper corner of the person’s message, when you look at your conversation with someone, but from diverse forum posts, the report button might not always work, so sending a ticket to Customer Support is probably the ‘safest’ option to make sure they’ll know about your issue.


I just told cs about it. I’ve asked ten how to block another seller that would t stop sending them a long time ago and there isn’t a way to block them so I guess they have to do it. Maybe other people have marked them as abusive too :blush:


Click on the “Report” button at the top right corner of the seller’s message. And then, select, “never receive messages from this user again”.


It doesn’t have a report button. They always send offers not messages :expressionless: