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Have any sellers used machine learning to assist them with market research?

Hey everyone!

I’m curious to know if any sellers (who conduct their own market research for gigs) use machine learning to assist them with their research?

If so, how has it helped you? What can be improved?

If not, what would the tool require for you to feel comfortable using it?


Hello thomasculia,

That’s a good idea. However, I haven’t used any “tool” to find best keywords so far.

Good luck with your research!

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What sort of keywords do you look for when you conduct your own research?

How could people do that? There is no system in Fiverr for seller machine learning research and you can’t Google the marketplace.

I think it’s impossible for a machine to analyze the market, since I think Fiverr use behavioural oriented algorithm. unless the machine knows the buyer behaviour.

I think the OP is talking about sellers who have gigs where they offer market research (eg. in the category Business->Market Research on Fiverr) and whether they use machine learning to help them create the market research/report for their buyers and if so, how it helps them.

I don’t think the OP is talking about analysing the Fiverr market .
Though here’s a link about a machine learning system done at Fiverr:

Maybe it could have been used to find what gigs worked best and therefore what to use for the search ranking algorithm maybe.

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