Have any way to get Order quickly in Fiverr?


Last two month ago i created a account in fiverr after that i created some gig related to background remove but till now no order !! After creating a gig I always share my gig in Various social network but result zeroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo … #Fiverr-Tips #Fiverr-Site


There are more than 9,000 gigs offering background removal. What makes your gig better? Why would someone choose you over all the others?


I couldn’t find your profile :frowning:


what tips offered is most attractive for a buyer ?


can i share my profile link ?


The first thing I suggest is share better gig photos. You know gig photos are first impression.

As @catwriter said there are more than 9,000 gigs offering background removal. This would be painful :frowning:


thanks a lot for your information


Also add a .pdf file with high quality samples you did.


i will try to my level best


can you give me a sample


Some photos more colorful, hard to remove background etc.


Here’s a post I wrote to help people get sales - you may find it useful.


Fiverr is a marketplace. The usual rules of sales and marketing apply.

You’re selling a product in a market that’s saturated. It’s going to be really hard to rise above all the other good sellers offering the same service you do.

You’ll need to discover your USP and/or find an original way to promote yourself. That’s difficult to do. It requires plenty of thinking.

If we knew a sure-fire way to get lots of orders in the background removal niche, we’d be doing it ourselves.


Hi. I highly recommend to review the “buyer requests” everyday. You can send till 10 offers a day. You can describe there what you are offering and why the client should choose you. Your gig could be promoted by fiverr eventually after first orders completed


No way.The beginning is really difficult in everywhere