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Have anyone ever tried/got any sales from Instagram?

Hi, I am just eager to know if anyone ever got any sales organically from Instagram? Share your experience and insights.

Does it worth giving time to Instagram organic sales marketing?

Have a good sales! Thank in advanced. :slight_smile:

As an online marketer with 7 years of experience, shouldn’t you know the answer to this? Perhaps you could ask your much larger social network of 120k people, or your 10k strong Twitter followers?

Hm? Besides, you do claim to also be able to market Instagram profiles, which makes this question a little strange.

Instead of focusing on judging me and doing home work on me for no good reasons! Why don’t you try to understand the question for a moment bro/sir/mam?

This question posted in the conversations category and I am asking sellers/friends here to share their experiences and insights with my the sole purpose of learning more and discuss about other friends’ experience. Period.

Sorry if this question offended you. Do you want me to remove it?

Do want you want, so long as it doesn’t involve sadfaces in my inbox. I will report you the next time you do that, so don’t try again.

If you want other people’s insights, why not share your own? Otherwise it just looks like you’re reaching for free advice. I mean, you are a marketing expert, so you say. So where are your insights? Or would you rather go on the attack publicly while crying in my inbox?

Very savvy.

Well, ignoring all the negativity coming from you.

Being a marketing expert doesn’t mean marketer have tried every single things.

From all the insights and strong engaging data of Instagram, I know it give sells but not quite clear in number how many and what effort it requires, I’ve never tried it for promoting fiverr gig.