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Have anyone noticed Fiverr Bugs?

Does anyone also noticing the bugs in Fiverr?

Like when a buyer messages you on website you need to refresh the page every time but in app, don’t need a refresh in order to view the buyer’s message.

Why we can’t see the next level requirements on our desktop site but in mobile app it does?

In a ‘‘Very-Late’’ order, when you deliver the projects, the page still shows a message “The order is ridiculously late. The buyer can cancel the order” Why?

The 60-days of analytics including “Order Completion,” and “Delivered on time” doesn’t works according to the 60-days. I need to contact CS every time to refresh the analytics after 60 days.

The overall ratings section on mobile app keeps showing you ‘‘5.0’’ even if you have 3.0 ratings.


These some of the bugs really sucks!

It’s available on desktop too. Just check Analytics tab.

Buyers FAQ:

When an order is marked as Late , it means the seller missed the expected delivery time. Buyers are entitled to cancel their order if there’s no further response from the seller. 24 hours after the order is marked as late it will become Very Late .

If your seller failed to deliver on time and 24 hours have already passed from the deadline, you can cancel your order through the Resolution Center.

Why do think it doesn’t work? Can you share your data?

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