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Have been almost 1 month in fiverr

hello almost 1 month here
already have 3 order succeed
but recently i really strugle with buyer request
there is too much people offering same thing like 1 offer there is 40 people offering a bid
i find it really hard to win.
did you have any advice to improve my gigs impression,views and click? ._.

Try submit catchy proposal and promote your gig on social media

hello! thx for replying. did you have spesific kind of social media? really hard to find forum for advertise some service

Don’t look for forums to spam your gig links on. Most forums will quickly delete anyone who tries to do that – and rightly so. If you want to advertise your service, learn about your target market, figure out where your target customers are located, and then go to THOSE places and convince those customers to hire you.

Examples: If you sell ice cream, go where people are hot and uncomfortable, and sell them refreshing ice cream to cool down. If you sell cars, go where the people that need to go places are located. If you sell pizzas, advertise where the pizza-eaters are located. If you sell swimsuits, open a store by the beach. You get the idea (I hope).

Don’t spam you links on forums. Go and advertise where your target customers are located.

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I’d also ditch the Tesla logo as a profile image if I were you.

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my ambition :frowning:

yes im trying share it on any marketplace group

Hello, have you made any change on your gig after completion your order or have you get all 5 star?

sadly only got 1 5 star and the 2 customer didng gave any feedback
i never change gig tho