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Have buyers been unwilling to negotiate with you?

Now that I’m getting a consistent amount of offers and sales, I’ve noticed that a lot of buyers don’t want to negotiate. For large orders, I’ll usually give them a high offer with the expectation that I’ll receive a lower counter. Instead, most buyers will just drop away without responding instead. I had one buyer who I actually ended up explaining the concept to because they were upset at how high my price was. I get the feeling they think I’m not willing to bend on a price at all.

Have buyers been unwilling to negotiate with you? How do you handle negotiating with buyers?

I don’t negotiate - I give them my price and that’s it. :slight_smile:

I don’t go to the supermarket and haggle there, I don’t expect it on Fiverr either!


I suppose, but these are services, not goods. You wouldn’t expect a wholesale price from a lawyer or plumber, would you?

I wouldn’t haggle with a plumber or a lawyer - if they give me a price, I pay it.

Edited to add - sorry, I may not be the best person to answer you - we don’t haggle in the UK as a general thing. If anyone tries to ‘negotiate’ my prices, I’m actually quite insulted to be honest. :slight_smile:


Huh, maybe it’s a cultural thing then? I do get buyers from all over the world. In the US where I live, freelancing involves a ton of negotiation, it’s really the most important skill to have.

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It doesn’t really come into my gigs where I’ve got fixed price packages - I did have somebody try to haggle a $10 package down to $5 - I refused - it’s $10 or not at all I’m afraid.

I can see where it would be useful for custom work though.


Oh definitely, there are a lot of factors going into voiceover that can make a price fluctuate. If a buyer has a large number of scripts to record, or a order just slightly over my word count, I’m usually willing to bend a little to make it work for them. Generally I’ll ask a buyer what their budget is on a larger project before making an offer.

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Hi and bundle of thanks for asking I’m a single mom of two disable kids I had no source of earning I’ve just taken a start and I’m trying my level best to attract customers as I’m mentally upset coz of financial crises and it is really effecting my working capacity as I’m working but got nothing like all other web sites I’ve been tried . Let’s hope for the best!

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In some areas of the world I’ve heard that, if the seller tries to haggle with the buyer, it can quickly reach a point where the seller ends up giving money to the buyer (along with the service that the buyer requested), instead of the other way around :joy:

– ontopic: the “my budget is $5” buyers cannot be negotiated with, period.


Unless an order is extremely large, I don’t negotiate and will kindly explain that once to the buyer who asks.
After that, I suggest they find someone else if my price is an issue for them but that I will be happy to proceed if they change their mind.

As a buyer, if a seller quoted me an extremely high price in the way you mention then I just wouldn’t respond unless I had dealt with them before. I would just move on. In general, I know a ball-park figure which is fair for what I want and if someone throws a higher figure with no justification then I see them as simply trying to “pull a fast one” on me and I won’t deal with them, even if they come back with a 50% less price after that.
This isn’t a street-market where both parties can gauge the other’s stance, tone, body language etc, it is a professional business platform.


That doesn’t work. They simply leave as you have noticed.


Well, I don’t quote a huge price, I’ll just quote my standard rates, which are a bit higher than some folks on here. I’m willing to give them a discount if it’s outside their budget, but they choose to end the conversation instead.

In that case, if you had justified the price with your professionalism, service, portfolio etc then it would not be a problem for you to be higher than others - there will always be someone cheaper but value is what I decide to buy on. You might like my post on communicating your value to buyers - Communicating the Value of Your Gig to Buyers - UPYOUR

If you find that you are missing out on/not converting a lot of your inquiries, you may need to look at your approach, pricing etc and the link above will help you in that.

I agree with you, offlinehelpers. I set my price and people are either okay with it or they aren’t. When buyers try to haggle with me to secure a lower price, I tell them my prices are non-negotiable. I don’t expect haggling from them, and I don’t think they should expect haggling from me. Everyone is different of course, but that’s my perspective. I don’t negotiate on price. If a seller gave me a price too high, I would go find a seller in my budget.


I don’t know. I’m from the U.S and I wouldn’t haggle. I used to sell installation services, flooring and bathroom installations. There was no haggling involved there, and that’s a service. When customers didn’t like the price, they would have to go elsewhere.


Exactly. And I have three types of situations when the buyer goes like “can you make me a deal/discount?”:

• on a $5 gig: “I already provide the cheapest price you can find for this type of service on the whole Internet”

• on a $10 gig: “I already provide the cheapest price for the value you get with my gig”

• on a $50+ gig: “The price of my gig reflects the quality of the work you’ll receive, as well as the time I put into analyzing your website to provide an accurate and useful service for your business. More so, to provide this service I use a specific toolset that charges me on each and every analysis I perform, therefore providing an analysis at lower prices would force me to reach out to my own pocket.”


Oh, I’m not having trouble, I’ve been doing quite well in fact. It’s just so odd to me that when I give what would be a really low quote for recording an audiobook outside of fiverr to someone wanting the same amount of work on fiverr, rather than counter it they just go away. Oh well, if they find someone willing to record it just as well for less, best of luck to em after all.


I don’t want buyers to negotiate with me, and I’m glad when they don’t try to do it. They ask me for the price, I tell them, and if they aren’t willing to pay that much, well, it means that I won’t work with them. If they try to negotiate, I just find it annoying and disrespectful.


When a customer cant afford my rate i just let them know what they can get for their budget. Its a matter of cutting down on time or expenses, not willing to dig in to food or rent money to keep a client happy.


As I rule I never haggle, and I don’t discount either on Voice Over.

On Fiverr the value is already crazy good, and priced far below what I would charge on another platform.

Haggling means spending time going back and forth. On the other platforms I’m often auditioning and there is plenty of back and forth (and higher rates to account for all that).

Here they are listening to my samples and asking to work with me. Haggling also implies I’m willing to go lower on prices, I’m not. If I price it higher, there is a reason, and I’m not going to go lower as a rule.

If they haggle I just tell them I’m probably the wrong seller for them, because if price is their primary objective, it’s easy to find new people who need the experience and are cheap.

If you’re really worth more, put that in your gig prices. IF your current haggling is working for you, keep doing it. No stress from me either way.