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Have Buyers Figured out how to Scam Sellers with the Modification Button?


Buyer places order according to $5 gig instructions

Seller does the order and delivers it

Buyer uses the modification button and wants $50 worth of modifications


So what are the Seller’s Options

  1. Do the modification
  2. Cancel the order
  3. Don’t do the modification and get a negative review.

    Does this happen to you?

Yep. I end up doing at least $25 worth of work on every gig because nearly every single person threatens negative feedback if I don’t do more work.

This brings up another interesting question…

If a seller writes disclaimers galore on their gig page, how do they enforce them?


  • Contact me before ordering this gig
  • I do not do thus and such so do not request it
  • If you want the most of your $5 gig, you should probably opt for the $10 extra
  • I do not perform rush deliveries


    Does Fiverr actively support a seller’s right to have caveats tagged onto their gigs? If so, there should be some form of recourse for the buyer’s unauthorized gig modification scenario.

Well, I contact Fiverr CS on a DAILY basis about buyers who clearly just want to have their way and therefore abuse the modification button, and the unspoken rule is:

-if you have a disclaimer in your gig’s description stating what you will or won’t revise is the only way for CS to “have your back” when something happens with the buyer.

If you don’t then CS won’t be able to help you.

Right now the modification request feature is really unfair to sellers. If more sellers send their complaints or even suggestions to CS, maybe one day this feature will be changed.

Hopefully! :slight_smile:

Pro Tip: If the modification request is out of your remit then do not respond. The customer can’t cancel for late delivery after a modification request. Leave it to ‘sit’ for three days. After three days resend it. It will mark as complete automatically (i.e. no waiting for the buyer to respond) AND you will get the negative feedback removed (very few will leave it to be honest)

This happens to me at least once a week. I respond with less and less patience every time. At first I thought buyers were confused, but now I think the ones who do this are just scammers out for free stuff.

@ryangillam - sounds good but I’m not quite sure I understand. Could you clarify a bit more, please?


Not only that modification button. But sometimes, even after the work is marked completed… They still asked for modifications. I offer unlimited revisions because I just want them to be satisfied. However, some are just abusive. I had a client and she orders bulk projects all the time. She has issues too with communication since she takes 3 days or a week to reply and ask for modifications. She also tells me to revise and revise, and now she threatens me about not working on the modification on the new request which is not really done by me for the mistakes I did on the job in the past. She is not paying me for it either. So confused because that’s why I offer unlimited revisions. It’s not my fault that she’s giving me a wrong file or a file that has wrong grammars on it and then asking me to change it to Australian spelling when all the spellings are in American. Smh. She will just notice it when I deliver the files. Clearly, she is violating some copyright issues and I reported her to Fiverr Customer Support.

Reply to @chreenikki: If you say you offer unlimited revisions (which tells buyers, “You can have as many revisions as you want, no matter what!”), it’s not unreasonable that buyers are going to expect you to revise orders over and over, even if the cause of the mistake is the buyer’s incompetence, not yours. You’ve got to put your foot down and draw a line–you can’t expect the buyer to know when to cut themselves off. They’re just here to get as much work as they can for the lowest price.

It’s happening to me right now. Even after clear communication about the content of my writings, a buyer of mine is demanding I “fix” four of the nine articles I sent them. I’m writing 12 articles for this guy for the price of 9, and it’s idiotic. I tried to strike a deal with him: mark the order as complete, and then order a new gig for two writings and I’ll deliver 4. I was giving them half-off. And he had the gall to try to guilt trip me by saying “But I already payed for 9 and now you want me to pay for 2 more :(” and like… you paid me for 9 and are having me write FOUR more. Those aren’t modifications. Those are freebies.

Reply to @e_russett: Why are you giving him any work for free at all? If you followed the instructions given to you, writing brand new articles with new instructions isn’t a “revision,” it’s just giving him a freebie because he made a stink. If a buyer can’t provide the “correct” instructions before you’ve done the work, that’s his fault, not yours.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I completely agree. It’s just that I’m not really in a position to deny the money, and I’m still a new enough seller that I don’t know all the ins-and-outs of dealing with things like this. If he canceled it, I know I could have taken it up with Fiverr (because I delivered per the agreement and therefore he can’t cancel) but I wasn’t sure that they would side with me, and if they did, I wasn’t sure I’d still get the money.