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Have creativity But No Work

It’s Been a month since I opened GIGs on fiverr. I have completed 8 orders on fiverr. But all the orders were from my old client. From Some days I have not received any new orders.:sob: I am sending regular buyer request. but I am not getting any response.:unamused:

So is there anything wrong with my gigs?
Would anyone please tell me , Are all my gigs okay?


Be patient dear.You will get order soon


From what I can see your profile and gigs look appealing overall. I’ve seen far worse from many other sellers. I can see you’ve invested some effort in creating your profile, so maybe you just need a quick helping hand from one or two others on here.

Because I’m a proofreader I look at what people have written, and how they’ve written it. The moment I see someone has pledged ‘you will get 100% accuracy in my work’ - I then look for the mistakes!

Sure enough, your short profile description does contain quite a few errors. This is how I look at it: If a seller can’t get their own marketing / advertising accurate (when they’ve had days / weeks / months to do so), then what are the chances of them getting my advertising materials accurate in the space of a few hours?

I’m not going to rewrite your profile for you, but look at the odd character spacing of some of the full stops / periods and your lack of a capital letter at the start of some sentences. Also, I would advise you to pluralise logo designs, business cards, brochures, etc (rather than logo design, business card, brochure, etc).

By making your profile more accurate it should give more confidence to potential buyers.

Have you thought about taking the Fiverr Basic English test? If you get an okay result, you can choose to display the result on your profile - again this should give confidence to buyers that you will understand their instructions and not make mistakes based on misunderstanding.

Hope that’s of some help :slight_smile:


Thank you so so much for your valuable reply. It’s so much helpful for me. Thanks again.