Have CS ever abandoned you?


Hi guys?
It’s been almost 10 days I think. I created a post about how I got my orders. But when I came back to reply the comments the post was not there, Some how forum says I don’t have access to my post. Some people said that it may be under editors supervision and they will take necessary action and post will be here again if nothing goes wrong with the post. So I contacted the CS and the Agent said me that he has to review the ticket to confirm. Now it’s been two days. No any updates from CS. How many days it takes normally for a reply from CS?
Thank in advance


Customer Support does not maintain the Fiverr forums. The forum Mods take care of that. Sending a support ticket to CS asking them to do review a post on the forums, that the Mods chose to remove for editing, isn’t likely to result in any action.


It sounds like your post might have been removed by the mods for some reason.
If so CS can’t help with that.


If you miss your post, you could always try posting it again - just make sure it’s in the right forum section etc. :slight_smile: