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Have delivered an order .. buyer is quite

I just delivered an order … buyer’s online icon is green… still no response…
In the worst case if he doesn’t respond at all… does it effect me… ( ofcourse won’t review me I know … God forbid ) … in any way …
does the payment still deliver?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: You just delivered, be patient. Sometimes buyers don’t respond at all. That’s just how life goes. Move on and keep working.

Thanks :slight_smile: … its only been a month on fiverr … and its my fourth order … and the third one backfired… thats’ why i am so touchy…
thanks for the feedback somaginer1996

Some buyers are flaky and nasty, but most are pretty nice. Some are just less responsive than others. Don’t let that make you nervous for nothing! :smile:

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Dont worry same thing Happened with me my buyer also get quite after giving me bad feedback im sending again and again notification but no reply. im new here and this was my second order and because of this now im not able to send any buyers request. anyone help me:disappointed_relieved::sob:

Thankyou… guess i will hardenup eventually :wink:

You definitely shouldn’t bother a buyer again after they’ve left you bad feedback. Worst case scenario you might get reported and get your account closed.

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now what i do now my review in less than 90% what i do. im not able to send any buyer request and if im no able to send any buyer request how i will work more.

BR isn’t the only way you can gain orders. You can also try promoting your gig and other such endeavors.

Either way, harassing a buyer isn’t the way to go.

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Im not harrassing her i just send only one notification about feedback . and i only get work for BR and i tried to promote my gigs but didint work

You said, and I quote

That seems to imply more than one notification?

Maybe you should try a different method of promoting your gigs, then?

and wht are the other method if social media so i tried alot but this doesnt work

You’re going to have to figure that out for yourself. What works for one person won’t work for another :slight_smile: Research is key here!

ya u r write… i just hope that this thing could figure