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Have dispute with Seller, but he declined to refund twice

Hi all.

I need advice from Fiverr here.

Recently I order a website design gig/storefront cost me USD 325 (exclude Fiverr fee) and this seller quoted me the job, and I sent him my request/requirement for a coloring site with a storefront and the job suppose to take 15 days.

The job scope is up and the actual site, is not even ready, and the storefront is badly done. I have put on dispute and ask for a cancellation and refund.

Seller first time refuse, so i send another same request, yet refuse…

As a buyer, how can I do the claim refund ? Should I send a message to Fiverr support ? The conversation and job request, I have the proof…

When I checked the status, why it showed " Delivered " ?? where else the dispute is not solved.

This seller is not professional at all, wasted my time, effort, money and fees. Not responsive and bad in communication…

I need help as if I do not be able to get the refund, I may seek outside help and maybe BBB ??


@vincentchoong if it shows delivered this means that the seller has declined the cancellation and redelivered the work. I would suggest you either put in another cancellation request or request a modification to the order right away. Do not leave it as delivered otherwise the order will automatically get marked as complete after a few days.

I would also message the seller and make it very clear to them why you are disputing this and see what they have to say.If the site is not ready as you have stated then the seller should have not delivered the order as they have not completed it.

put in another cancellation or modification request and then contact the seller, tell them why you have rejected the work ( not completed) and see what they have to say. If they fail to respond and keep trying to deliver the order contact customer support.

First, I know this is too late, but not for other readers. I am a buyer and seller on Fiverr but if I bought from someone I hadn’t worked with I can’t imagine spending hundreds on a contract freelancer. Always communicate with the seller on high priced work and if that goes well, pay them for perhaps the first 1-2 hours of work or some other measure of the work that costs less than $25-50. You can usually see some hint of what is to come. Move forward in milestones or stop to cut your losses. There are great sellers here offering discounted work but like a flea market or superstore, not all of it is good work.

So, @vincentchoong, the seller is only required to deliver what the promised in the description. If the seller feels they did deliver it, they should take screenshots or some kind if proof. You have 3 days after delivery to dispute it. It sounds like you did, but the seller claimed they did the work. You can press the request modification button any time before the order is marked complete.

At that point, yes, you should take your screenshots and proof showing that the seller did not deliver as described. Send it to Customer Support and tell them how you tried to resolve it, including explanations you gave to the seller of what you wanted fixed. If you didn’t try asking for a modification, CS may suggest that. If they feel the seller did not deliver as described, they can refund you so you can hire someone else.

If CS does not feel you tried to work it out and that the seller delivered as promised, they won’t refund. Fiverr is not directly liable since they just provide a platform and CS team. If there is a BBB to cover wherever the seller lives, you can file a complaint. I don’t know if there is a simple way to file something against Fiverr HQ in Israel. Hopefully that won’t matter if you can just prove seller wrongdoing and get a Customer Support refund.