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Have fiverr done something recently? - Sales through the floor

Have fiverr done something recently? Since starting out on fiverr some two years ago I have always had a steady flow of work coming in, averaging four or five orders a day, then suddenly a week or two ago, they just stopped!.. I was going four or five days with no orders at all. All the orders I have secured since have been the result of my own efforts at advertising the gig - Anybody else getting this recently?

I like your gigs. Maybe it would help to list a few more?

Worst month I have had since half a year here on fiverr, dramatic drop too

Mine have dropped over the last couple of weeks, but I see it every now and then so don’t really get that bothered. In fact, I’ve been enjoying the lesser work here and have other places to fill my time and make money.

Fiverr does state you need to advertise your own gigs. I don’t really bother that much, since a lot of my orders currently come from repeat buyers and I’m more than happy working with them.

Mine have fallen a little over the past couple of days. Just averaging 3-4 a day down from 10-20. It is fine though. It gives me a nice break at the end.

Compared to Jan, Feb and Mar, April has been a bust. Orders are way down.

@welshbloke January was a great month for me, orders have decreased more and more since February for me. Like @voiceoverwork said, it’s been pretty much a bust Feb, March, and April

Please read this thread as well and feel free to post there too so we can maybe keep track of how many people are experiencing this. There are also multiple threads about this as of lately

@kjblynx: Very strange

@ryangillam 10-20 per day and down to a couple, that’s a pretty dramatic loss in sales. I don’t think that would just happen for no reason, something had to have happened with Fiverr to contribute to that

Here’s my theory based on research.

I think fiverr has been hit by some kind of search engine penalty. Original content that was posted on this site no longer shows up in the search engines, in fact copying and pasting gig text brings up multiple other competitor sites with our text but not our sales pages.

This indicates that the url has been devalued by google.

Take it as you wish, but I can tell you from experience that they’ve been penalised.

They have not been penalised and their organic rankings have gone up quite sharply. Regarding the text. I think you will find there are other reasons for this and it is not as it seems at all.

@flyby What would be an example of original content showing up prior, are you sure? Maybe you can take a screen shot of what you’re referring to with the search engine to show what you’re exactly talking about? and penalized? how does something like that happen?

@markp and what would those other reasons be? What is your theory?

Reply to @markp: Really mark? You’re tracking everything organic are you? Cryptic answer with no substance really, care to elaborate? Or you just pushing your service here? I can tell you now for a fact that they have been hit with a penalty. But please, do tell me how I am wrong.

@flyby I have no need to push anything here I can assure you of that and I can back up what I am saying but as you are so sure about what you are stating I am staying out of this and leaving this discussion

Reply to @brunettegrenade:

@voiceoverwork said April is a bust, not Jan, Feb and Mar which were phenomenal. In fact March was the biggest month I’ve ever had on Fiverr.

I understand. Also I am not sure of when fiverr does advertisign with banners on adwords.

It could have been that google did advertising in march but noth this month.

This also makes sense.

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April has been the best month I’ve ever had in 2 years…

@flyby @markp No need to get hostile. I know i’m for one curious about what you both have to say. I just want to know what’s going on with Fiverr

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Gotcha, January was a big month for me. However, sales decreased more and more each month since. I’m pretty sure this April has been my least selling month since I’ve been here for over 2 years.