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Have Fiverr made Levels irrelevant


I have been watching my profile be promoted and demoted numerous times since the introduction of the new Levels criteria and ranking.

I have worked on Fiverr for a good few years now and other than the first couple of months was on Level 2 the whole time. Since the introduction of the new mid-month ranking I have been on Level 1, Level 2, been considered for Top Seller and am now down to being a new seller, all because I discuss and agree personal timescales with my customers and don’t feel the need to ask them to faff on with extension when they know exactly when I will deliver and are happy with it. I have also had a response rate below level, although I still can’t seem to find why this is as everything has been responded to within a couple of hours of coming in.

But, I don’t really feel the need to change anything I do or the way I work in order to meet these criteria and get promoted again. If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. I used to care more about the level of my gig, so why has this changed? Because I think the new level system has effectively killed the importance and necessity of levels.

Before the change, I felt that levels were a sign of how someone had performed long term on fiver. A New Seller could bring something to Fiverr that a more experienced seller couldn’t, a level 2 seller was someone who had some kind of standing. I still feel Top Sellers are notable, but the choosing process is still quite shrouded in mystery so there is always a question of are they a Top Seller because they are the best, or because they are Top Seller and people believe them to be the best (I am not knocking anyone as I know there are some phenomenal Top Sellers on the site)

However, the new level system to me now does the opposite of its intention. The fact you can have “new sellers” with thousands of 5 star feedbacks over several years, level 2 sellers with only a couple of hundred feedbacks from six months, and Level 1 as a mix of both, does it really matter anymore.

I have found no difference in business whether I have been new seller or level 2, and in fact the lower down I have been business seems to have been better for some reason. I have still been getting steady traffic, steady sales and continued income regardless of the level. So has Fiverr killed the level concept which trying to make it better? To me it has, because when I order from Fiverr, I look for two things. Experience and price. If there is feedback, then that’s great, but to be honest, just because they have been able to do an amazing job for many people, if I ask for something they have no experience of then it’s not going to work.

I feel that if Fiverr want to encourage a culture of professionals, then I think they need to work their levels on something other than things like response to messages time.

I’m not sure what other people’s experiences are with levels but this has been mine. I’d be interested to see how much difference levels have made to others - particularly those being demoted.


Response within 24 hours to all messages is not hard to do, and it encourages more sales. If your response rate drops for no reason contact customer support and tell them. They can often correct that.

I do not see why people complain about the response rate, and having to keep all messages answered promptly. You can even just message people back with an instant message. It’s the easiest metric to keep at 100%.

The levels system is trying to keep sellers to a set of high standards. It’s not that it’s supposed to be representative of how well a seller does as much as simply making sellers aware of what they should be doing every day.

If a seller doesn’t answer messages promptly they lose sales. It’s as simple as that.

The levels system was introduced as a result of too many sellers not answering messages, not getting decent reviews consistently, and not delivering on time, or cancelling orders too much.


As appreciative as I am of the advice, the purpose of the post is not to moan about demotion though the reply to messages requirement. As I have said, demotion has had no effect on my sales, nor has the occasional message a couple of months ago not being answered in 24 hours. To me this clearly illustrates that buyers don’t really pay attention to level as much as feedback and/or long time standing, which made me question how many other people experience this.

I have always responded promptly to enquiries, but I get more sales now than I did three years ago, which has nothing to do with the response rate - that is clearly from feedback and reputation rather than what level is showing on my profile and I wanted to see how many other people have seen the same occurrence.


i was also level 2 most of my time here, my reviews are all good, i kept a good response rate and buyers were always happy with both my work and my service, so my feedback and reputation are fine; i spent some time away from here and i’ve been “demoted” to new seller and now i can’t even see buyer requests so how is one supposed to get back on track? this is a stupid vicious circle and it sure feels like a waste of time


I was saying that the main purpose of levels is not to tell buyers what you are about as much as it is to try to keep sellers to a certain quality of service level, so it’s up to each seller if they want to meet the levels or even care about them or not.

Some sellers and buyers have zero interest in levels. Many sellers do very well at any level.


As a once level 2 seller with an impeccable record who because of illness had to cancel 3 orders and subsequently got demoted twice (I do VO work), I have had a different experience. Thankfully, I get plenty of work elsewhere, but I suddenly stopped getting orders after having to cancel for the first time and because of that those measly 3 orders cancelled have turned into a 2 level demotion and no business. If I continued to get business I probably could have maintained the 90% completion. I mean, if it wasn’t for my livelihood, it’s comical. It makes zero sense to penalize the way they do. Those cancelled orders were all completely mutual and the buyers were very understanding, hey, people get sick sometimes and they had a deadline, it’s life. I’ll agree with you that levels do an extremely poor job of showing anything meaningful about the seller to the buyer, but in my experience they are integral to getting traction on your page, which is why we all just have to play the game. Whatever their algorithm is, it certainly works for you at higher levels and kicks you when you’re down. At least in my industry, no other site judges by such general black and white metrics.


I’ve personally given up on levels.
I was once a Level 2 Seller for a very long time until the new system came into existing. Within the first month I was knocked down to a level one because I simply hadn’t sold anything between their timelines of reviews. I pride myself on answering swiftly on messages but it never seemed to be fast enough and I would get penalized even if my reply was an hour from the message. I also work a normal day job, so sometimes I can not immediately answer or when I am traveling for that matter. I’ve also noticed the less orders I get the quicker my rating goes down. It feels like I am being punished because I haven’t had a lot of orders. I even have been knocked to a new seller now even though I have responded to everything and even did a few orders recently with 5 star reviews. I really don’t know what they are looking for anymore in levels and it just confuses me. As hard as I try, it just goes back and forth from a level 2 to beginner back to level 2 and so forth.
Honestly, I liked the old system much better and not this weird rating system that doesn’t make any real sense. I just know sense the moment its changed my business has been heavily effected.


For sellers, as long as we can’t control one aspect of our levels, namely the number of cancellations, they shouldn’t be given much attention, although the analytics are important as far as getting sales go and your earnings. I try to not spend too much time worrying about things I can’t control but it’s hard when you are a perfectionist.

As for buyers I’m not sure how many look at the levels of sellers. Probably it’s around 50% that pay attention to them somewhat.


I have never once been demoted, but my sales have dried up. Kinda sad, tbh.


Same here. I have NEVER been demoted - but NO sales at all.

I am now out of ideas as to what I can do. I mean 0 sales with Level 2 :sleepy::frowning_face:


What I notice is the dollar amount of cancellations is more than 5% of the total earned. I don’t know if fiverr pays attention to that or not.