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Have fun they said

Start your own online business they said… It’ll be fun they said…lol

LOL…not really!! not really!!

You think not? it’s not always fun is it?

I have never had an online business, but come on, lol.

business, not pleasure…but we don’t do everything in our life just for fun…

you’re right :slight_smile:

lol… a little exaggerated, but sometimes that’s how I feel. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like that guy is dealing with bad buyers, negative reviews, and too many revision requests.

LOL at the cartoon…for me online business (Fiverr) is a blessing.


Freelancing is a liberating and far more enjoyable than working some crappy 9-to-5 for an employer who couldn’t care less about your job security, but it can be stressful, too, when you first realize that any amount of free time no matter how small is essentially taking away from your paycheck.

It’s why you have to love it.

Somehow true… but not like playing video games Lol =P

˝No pain no gain˝, that´s what they say :slight_smile:

Actually I have a travelling blog and travelling v-log channel, but they are both set to private and just amateur ones. I have no deadlines so I don´t feel what you sometimes feel caused by either the blog or v-log channel. However, I kind of felt like that when I still had a job. Okay not exactly like in the picture but I remember there were times when I was so tired yet I still had so many tasks to do :slight_smile:

˝The road to success is always under construction. And often traveled alone˝. (I don´t know who said that).

I like it :smiley: