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Have I done the Right Thing?


Okay, long story short, I have a buyer who recently said in their order details that they wanted me to send pictures being used in some of the web page links which they had sent me to reference in their article. This buyer didn’t pay extra for the delivery of images and I didn’t notice this detail until starting work on the order itself today.

In either case, I can not send images from existing web pages which I do not have the right to use or distribute for what I consider pretty big copyright issues. In this case, I delivered the order without images (and the buyer had only paid for writing anyway) with a message explaining the copyright issue.

This buyer then rejected this delivery on the basis that they need the images but said that I could send URLs to the images in question on the reference websites and rather than copy these images, they would create their own.

Now as far as I am concerned I can’t do this either. For me and (I think) a legitimate legal perspective, this is still like me delivering work with the presumption that a buyer can use such images and that they have paid me for the privilege to be able to do so. In tis case, I just spent the past half hour sourcing royalty free images with the necessary rights to be used commercially (for free) sent these and explained all of the above in my delivery message.

The thing is, I can kind of sense that the buyer isn’t going to be happy with this, especially since I have just turned down a request by them to write two 8K word articles on the basis that I simply don’t have the time to write 2 ebooks about subjects which can’t really be stretched into 8,000 words on regard to the subject matter.

Anyway, would you see what I have done as a good compromise? Moreover, what would you do if this order is rejected again on the same basis?


I think you are right in what you have done and even beyond what you should have done in sending them alternatives which they have the right to use.
If they have the links themselves, why can’t they do what they are asking themselves? It seems odd.
Without jumping to conclusions (well, actually completely jumping to a conclusion), my concern would be that they could then say to CS that you delivered images that you had no right to and insist on a cancellation.
If they reject again I would say that images were not included in the order, what they are asking is against the rules and that you have gone beyond the scope of the gig by sending them images that they can legally use.


This is actually troubling me a bit too as I don’t understand the sense of it. That said, their reference links were garbage and the images I have sent are much more contextually relevant than even the websites which I found myself and used for reference.

In fact, I am beginning to have a bad feeling about this buyer for a few other reasons . Moreover, now I am in the position of thinking, ‘crap this buyer has ordered over $500 of work recently and I am beginning to think that they might be one of those scammery reverse charge people…’


You’ve provided them with what they needed. They purchased an article(s) and you delivered.

If any issues do arise, support will hopefully clear things up.

If they aren’t satisfied, you can explain the reasoning and why you stand your grounds.

Best of luck.


Yeah, the thing is, I really don’t like bothering CS about what I regard as silly client issues. As far as I’m concerned, they (presumably) have more pressing issues to deal with. I do feel however, that I have more than satisfied this clients requirements so lets see…


Just stay professional with all responses, send the right stuff, and if they cancel, let them know you did the work you specified, and sending something outside of copyright law isn’t something you can do.

If your gig doesn’t say you send images, you’ll be fine, and CS will back you up. You can deliver again, with the same message.

Note that they can give you a bad review, but so what? (I had my first 1 star a few weeks ago, on a $5 order… )

I agree they may just be setting themselves up to try and get free work. Redeliver, with your “here’s a great solution for you” and let them know you can’t send copyrighted images, or even links to those images, but you have done the writing as ordered.

If you cancel obviously you lose all the revenue for work already done.

I stand firm on this type of thing. First do everything possible (which sounds like you are doing) to assist, then keep redelivering with the same message.

A buyer like that can just do a PayPal charge back, so they can still get out of it (they will just start a new account if they want something in the future).

Worth going through some effort, the amount is up to you. From my POV, you’ve done the right thing.


I agree with you, which is why I only use it as my last resort. Thankfully, I’ve never contacted support regarding my buyers in over a year I believe.


If you have that feeling, send a “pre-emptive” message to CS. Fiverr dont want a big CB either. Express your concerns, and point out the quantity of work involved overall, point to the reviews and feedback etc. This is the approach that CS suggest you take when dealing with large amounts (they even have a copy/paste answer for it) so you will be pointing out that you have done what you are supposed to. In the event of a CB you can refer back to it.