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Have I offended anyone?

I take my hat off to anybody who does. :tophat: :slightly_smiling_face:

We naturally communicate in the language of wherever the stork happened to drop us when we were born. Some of us were lucky, and don’t have to learn a second language to be able to use English. From my point of view, thank goodness Fiverr doesn’t use Spanish or Italian - I’d only be able to ask for a beer or an ice cream! :wink:


:smile: :beer: :ice_cream: :blush: :wink:

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I have a friend who has set up their own business in a highly competitive service sector. This is year 2. They still don’t have a website, social media profile, or an online presence to speak of. They are also in massive debt and making a loss each month. However, they keep doing odd things like the occasional classified ad blitzkrieg. Bizarrely, they are even trying to put an app together, despite not having a website or any real idea what their app will do.

This business will fail. It will fail because the person at the helm doesn’t have the competency to carry it forward. More importantly, at no point is a magical “let me help” angel going to appear and handhold them through all the basic things they need to do to get off the ground.

It sounds cruel, but this is how the world works. People need to take responsibility for their own success, and have brains enough to figure out what they need to do to succeed.

That said, whoever makes the first Fiverr endorsed on-boarding video course for learn, is going to make a fortune. Sellers who take it will still rarely succeed. However, it will be a money tree. :wink:


Yes. I’ve studied two other languages besides English. I used to be able to speak them fluently. So, yes, I can assure you, I am no stranger to other languages.

Perhaps. But that still doesn’t change that fact that Fiverr is an English-language website. If a seller want’s to be successful here, he MUST communicate well in English. And, if he want’s to make use of the Fiverr forums, it would be wise for him to be able to read the language as well. That’s how things are on Fiverr, regardless of the native languages of those who choose to interact here.

Yes. However, English is the language of international business, therefore, here, on Fiverr, being able to read, communicate, and understand English is an investment sellers are going to have to make.


Yes, that’s a pretty good idea.

And you are having a great intention with this. But it still seems too much effort to offer on a plate things that are already there. It’s not like one can’t open the FAQ section from the Fiverr website or the forum and educate themselves. You don’t see restaurants teaching good manners and how to use the fork and the spoon. You are supposed to educate yourself on those things before going in.

I don’t say that’s a bad idea, but I’d say that those efforts can be invested in other things that are more necessary than sending emails, which won’t be read anyway by the people that have no intention in educating themselves but still create help posts on the forum.

I am proficient in a couple of languages, so I can understand that. What I can’t understand is why people believe they can sell here without knowing English, and why you believe it’s a good idea to support them.

Those people that are supposed to be understood for their inability to comprehend another language, will also leave an impression about Fiverr that is a collection of newbies that don’t know how to speak English properly. I mean, no offense, but as all the people from all nationalities could learn English and become great sellers here, so can those people that need to be understood of their hard times.

You don’t know English well? I recommend you first learn it, then try to sell services to a bunch of English-speaking people.

I politely disagree with you on that. Before my 18th birthday, I knew that I had to go to Spain, for the first time, with the intention of working. What I did 2 months before it? I learned Spanish from an audio - text Spanish teaching guide. When I got there, I knew to speak better than my brother that has been there for 3 years. Not surprisingly, I had an amazing experience, and I liked to receive praises for my swift adaptation.

Nothing to brag about, is the law of Sowing and Reaping. You reap what you sow. Simple as that. You want success here (or anywhere else)? Invest the time to become better every day at it. Deposit the effort, that’s how you succeed.

That’s the principle that we should teach people, not “Here are some free seeds from me. Let me plant them for you. Come on, please do something! Pretty please?”

I’d say that the tough reality check, meaning you get what you deserve, is much more helpful in the long-term for people that are really looking to make something happen for themselves.

Still on this note, I remember a TED speech that Anik Singal gave about the poor communities, and how in fact we might damage them by giving money and by treating them as victims. And he decided to create schools and entire communities, where the people are responsible for their own future. He believes, and I agree with him, that is a greater help. :grinning:

Anyway, good points from everyone, this is a very interesting discussion. :+1:


Great, then, now that you’re not fluent, try to read on those languages you used to be and understand lots of content about something new to you which you really know nothing about. You’ll be having a very hard time and it will take you long - enough to despair you.

I’m not saying otherwise, I was just explaining why it is so hard for those not lazy people who can communicate in English but aren’t fluent enough, to dig on posts hoping to find answers to their questions.

I gree with you but that’s a complete different story. I wasn’t referring to this point at all :wink:

My comment was not about this, it was about people having sufficient knowledge of a language (in this particular case, English) to let them communicate with others but not enough to comprehend what is written, leading to people not reading posts extensively.

So, as I said before and agreeing with what @hanshuber16 said, people with little command of a language might be able to communicate with others but that doesn’t mean they will be capable to successfully read and understand what is written in that language without dying in the attempt. Not having enough proficiency of the language will make it hard and very frustrating to the point of giving up.

I wonder how you got to that conclusion :thinking: I haven’t said anything like that… :roll_eyes:

Again, understanding what is written is what I’m referring to… explaining is not supporting.

My comment was not about this, it was about people having sufficient knowledge of a language (in this particular case, English) to let them communicate with others but not enough to comprehend what is written, leading to people not reading posts extensively.

Good for you! Congratulations :smiley: I’m happy you learned Spanish - it’s a beautiful language - and also amazed you just needed 2 months and a few tapes to master the language! :wink:

However, please don’t take my words out of context and also let me clarify just a detail. What is written in my comment means that most of the time people apply the Law of Least Effort in everything they do, whenever they want to. It’s easier to go on a straight line than through curves, just as a highway and a mountain road.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you may or may not apply it, that’s up to you. Maybe you are the exception that proves the rule.

I don’t think anyone is saying otherwise - at least not me. But still, this has nothing to do with not understanding what is written or having a hard time to understand.

Indee it is :smiley: :wink:

I see your point. Well, I guess I am the one that believes that if you can’t comprehend what is written you can’t properly communicate with buyers, and thus, you cannot satisfy to excellence their needs. I am also the one that believes that if you can’t comprehend written English, you shouldn’t offer services in English. What you should do instead is take some English classes/courses/guides.

At least, that’s my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t believe in making things easier for those that supposedly have a harder time. We all have a hard time. Who wants a better life has to grow beyond their circumstances and excuses.

We have a world of information at our fingertips and zero excuses to not learn what we need.


Communication and content understanding are two different things, specially if someone has to read an awful lot just to make use of maybe just one idea that can enlighten.

Yes, this is just common sense but that’s another topic and it would be great if someone opened a thread talking about it but, as I have stated several times now, discussion was centered on not understanding what is written thus, preventing from reading posts thoroughly.

If they can’t comprehend what is written, how are they going to understand the written instructions that the buyer sends them, especially if they’re a bit longer? They’ll get frustrated buyers and lousy reviews stating that they were willing to work hard, but unable to communicate properly and understand the requirements.


That I was trying to convey. I get a lot of clients that have a complicated way to express things, and I realize that without proper speaking skills I wouldn’t be able to understand what they want. People often times come with crazy-complicated ideas, and they expect me to understand and simplify everything. It’s part of my job, as a freelancer.

We have to understand that as freelancers, we aren’t only workers, but customer support too. We don’t have a department for that. How we deal with clients and how well we understand them is essential in this business. Sometimes, it’s even more important than the service we provide. Therefore, I don’t believe “communication and content understanding are two different things”, because communication here involves understanding the content your client is giving you.

When their lack of training in English is giving them bad reviews and cancellations, they blame Fiverr, but it’s just the result of their own ignorance. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @catwriter

My comment arose from what @hanshuber16 wrote as quoted below

The intellectual effort put into reading and comprehending extensive posts, or pages and pages of content, or books is not the same as reading an article, or instructions, or a letter.

As @hanshuber16 said, and I do agree with him, people may have enough skills or knowledge of a language to make them capable of communicating with others without issues (that includes following orders) but not that much to dive into deep reading. Please let me put myself again as an example.

As I said in my very first comment, I also speak Potuguese, although not as fluently as English. I can speak, write and read it but, if I were to read all my university books, not in English nor Spanish but in Potuguese, it would come to a point were I would just have to give up reading - my mind would be tired. And it would be even worst - I would say almost titanic - if I had to read them in Italian as my level of knowledge is basic, although my poor command of the language doesn’t prevent me from understanding small content or even communicating with someone on basic level.

The comprehension process of any language - specially if it’s a foreign language - doesn’t come in a wink of an eye. Reading comprehension is the ability of understanding what is being read, not just the meaning of words but also the global understanding of what is written.

On this regard, I would even go a step further to say that there are plenty of people - more than we even think of - who don’t even understand what they read in their own langauage. And that’s one of the mayor reasons why students abandon studies or have a hard time to graduate, among other things.

And that was what we were discussing. We were not talking about lazy people - who do exist, no question about it - or those who don’t even know a word of whatever language- in this case, English. I was also not discussing about what people should do or learn or whatever to succeed on Fiveer. I was just explaining why some people find it hard to spot solutions to their questions and doubts through forum reading.

May I repeat, I am supporting no one neither justifying anybody’s acts. Explaining is just that, giving possible reasons to a given situation.