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Have I stumbled upon a massive flaw on the website?

When searching through gigs I noticed on the search results page how some are advertised as “starting from €4.49” yet when you click into these gigs there is only one ‘basic’ package. Doesn’t this make the “starting from” text misleading?

I then stumbled upon an even greater issue and I believe it is a genuine fault with the website. When I clicked into other various gigs advertised on the search results page at €8.99 these gigs actually had 3 packages (basic, standard, premium) however on the search results page it seemed to be advertising the middle packages price and had no “starting from” text which would be much more logical in this scenario.

Shouldn’t the gigs be advertised by their cheapest package with the text “starting from” if you have multiple packages on your gig rather than the way it is arranged now?

Even in relation to my own gigs I dislike the fact that they are being advertised by the middle packages pricing when I’m in reality also offering a much cheaper ‘basic’ package with the gig. This could result in many potential customers not clicking on my gig as they are under the impression that I’m charging more for my service than my actually starting package costs.

I noticed this issue when using google chrome on Android.


Yes it might be a good idea to use the actual lowest price if a gig says “starting at” but as far as flaws go I don’t consider this a major one.


My gig is still reporting my basic package starting at $10.