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Have Media/News/Culture website need partner. Need coder and web specialist

Last project we went full go with made over 100k in a year, got screwed over by partner and locked out. This is when I learned my lesson to get things in my name.

Have current partner, we are willing to give up 10% in equity of brand and company to someone that is versed in some coding and web hosting.

We have bimber theme for wordpress, our site looks terrible because it’s not fully setup. I paid for support. Seems to have issues and this delaying growth. Only 1 article posted and don’t want to ruin other articles posting on a ill formed site. I also have to install sitemap.

my skills:
Graphic Designer < Several projects paid
Video Editor < Several paid projects same as below
Artist/Producer/Musician < have had several projects and paid, and 1 major placement
Seo Specialist. < several projects

My partner is a soon to be CPA with account degree.

************* < this is picture of Goo analytics, I was locked out of project in Aug 2016, by then we were getting 5 million hits a month. That screenshot is set to delete in 2 weeks, hopefully we find someone by then. If Interested please contact

Looking for 3rd partner that can troubleshoot web issues and small amount of coding. It’s possible our brand to do and be very big as my work ehtic is 2nd to none.

Again we are willing to give up 10% Equity in brand/company

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Fiverr isn’t a good place to look for a business partner.

Have you also posted this on job boards? Indeed? Linked-in?

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No need, will just abandon if I we don’t find anyone.

and pay more and more in future? Not ideal. Put enough effort and money into the theme and hosting. Should be up now, its 4 years since purchase date. Paid for support. seems to not work.

I understand you want to build up your post count and gain authority here on the fiverr forum.

The title sais looking for partner. ***************…
I’ve been on Fiverr since 2014 which is longer than most people here. Been through everything you could suggest.

**********. Thank you in advance!

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