Have no choice but to cancel some orders


So I finally improved my cancellation rate. Then came the $5 buyer from hell.
Ordinarily when I get the kind of vibe I got from this one I would have immediately cancelled the order but this time I did the whole nine yards he insisted on, only to be met with one revision request after the next ( “I don’t like it, this is fake, not happy” were the reasons). I NEVER get revision requests. I never have those kinds of things said to me.

I saw this coming since his name, his real name, is a name from a certain country some sellers dread, and his fiverr name and picture and location are U.S. and not a match for his actual name.

He did not read the gig description. He did not read the messages I sent about how the gig works. He did not answer one question I asked about what was wrong.

He disappeared when I caved and sent a cancellation request so customer support had to do it.

Now my cancellation rate is back down along with number of orders. This was done deliberately by a demented buyer.

Customer support was apologetic. But this is outrageous to be punished for this kind of behavior by a buyer.

This was an outright attack on me and my business. Fiver compounds the problem by punishing sellers.


I agree…this is not done … There must be some confirmation popup before the order to actually start…confirmation like if we are ok to work with that particular buyer or do we have all the requirements for the order to start ot not.


I should be allowed to cancel without being punished by having my number of orders drop. I finally reached a certain level of completion rate and suddenly orders began pouring in as they should. A cancellation like this and I’m again invisible.

I haven’t had one like this in over a year or two so I suppose I am lucky in that respect. But still


Really sad…This is how it is going from beginning and i don’t think Fiverr staff is realizing it because it will sustain as it is in future as well…It feels like sitting on a roller coaster and waiting to go upward.


This is not good for fiverr to have sellers like me having our orders cut down over things like this. They need to re-think this.


@misscrystal Most buyers of $5 are poor (in soul and in budget). - Sorry if this is offended.
Some People tip up to 10$ or more while these cheap buyers order $5 and then they blame you that job is not good etc. I highly recommend to remove all $5 prices.
Have you seen any gig featured lately that is $5 starting ? No, because even fiverr editorial team want to promote gigs that are up to $10 or more.

I agree that fiverr need to re-think about order completed rate, but you (and most of us) need to re-think about prices too.
P.s this os my opinion after years experience in fiverr.


I’m sorry you had that happen. I just got bit this morning by someone who placed a $665 order with me 2 weeks ago. Then couldn’t get his script ready, we extended the delivery, now this morning, Please cancel order. Level 1 here I come.


Same thing happened with me two days ago. I worked so hard to improve my cancellation rate and it came to 99. A buyer placed a $10 order and he happily rated me 5 stars and placed the next $75 order. I sent him work and he asked me to send even next custom offer for third order. After that i don’t know what happened he said he is not happy with the work and needs cancellation. I had to cancel it and the result is my sales dropped :frowning: Fiverr really needs to do something for this cancellation orders ratio because in some situation buyers act so weird.


I’ve been lucky that I have had some really cool customers. Not just because they all gave 5 stars but because they seemed to know what they want. I just have a feeling I’m due to be hit with these problems soon.

One guy emailed asking to chat on skype and that he only had $4 and if he could pay by bitcoins.

As you you expect, something didn’t seem right so I didn’t accept the request.

But this has to change. Sellers need to feel comfortable and at the moment thats not the case


I also see the app bug that gives 4.5 stars instead of 5 is alive and well still.


I hate that. I hate that 20 characters worth.


I got two this week.


What app bug? I am not familiar with this?


I have buyers ordering things that are a violation of TOS. If I deliver I get in trouble. If I cancel the order, I get dropped down for cancellations. It is a no-win situation.


Sorry you had to go through that. I recently experienced the same thing.

A buyer placed a $100 order for a video. We were already finalizing the details for the job when I realized that what he was saying and what I was saying were two completely different things. I had to confirm again what he really wanted done and that was when he told me he was after the production of a video.

Like seriously? It states very well on my gig that I only write video scripts and not create or produce them but you decided I needed to be demoted to level 1 by all means. Before I could ask that we work something out, he had already messaged CS and the order was canceled by customer support. My order completed instantly dropped to 87%.

Being punished for something we have no control over isn’t how this system should work. I don’t get any sales again because of buyers like this. They’ve frustrated the hell out of me and it’s not funny anymore.

I’ve had to edit my gig description and title numerous times to make it clear what I do so I can avoid buyers like this and buyers who don’t read but all to no avail.

My gig ends up suffering because after I cancel, my gig would disappear and resurface then I wouldn’t cancel for a while, then I’ll meet buyers like this and I’ll be like, doesn’t my gig already clearly states what I do? I’ll go to edit the gig and my gig disappears again. It manages to resurface again and I end up canceling the few new orders I was able to manage. The cycle continues. I try to work something out with them but to no avail.

My sales have not only dropped, but I don’t get any sales at all. Thankfully, returning and old buyers always come to my rescue.

I hope Fiverr finds a way around this unintentional cancellation of a thing because it isn’t fair to hardworking sellers like me and you.


Since the app first launched there has been a bug where someone tries to leave a 5 star review on it, but it registers as 4.3 or 4.7 or 4.5.

And to get them to change it requires a lot of time and effort on their part since they have to contact customer support and ask them to remove it so they can again leave the correct amount of stars on a computer not the app.

Most don’t want to bother to go through all that.

We used to be able to ask customer support ourselves as sellers if we show a screenshot of what they say, that they meant to leave 5 stars, but now that’s not good enough and they have to contact support themselves.

It happens to me frequently.


Ugh, that is not good.


I think Trs seller like you shold create a poll and we will vote there for any update


I want to update my gig prices to not have any $5 gigs but don’t want them to disappear and then get lost in the shuffle. It seems there are now so many ways that we can get our gigs moved back.


I know how you feel!

This is my exact dilemma as well!

I have been battling this for days now! Edit gigs = lose money. I simply can’t afford the wait! Every time I edit a gig, I have to be prepared to lose money.

Ughhhh :expressionless: