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Have no order and no impressions

Please could someone help me? I’m on the Platform now for about 2+ months and I I’ve got no order, no click, not even an impression. I have followed and read different articlesand post on how to optimise my gigs, profile, etc… but my analytics keeps on showing N/A. What can I do? Can any one check if I’m OK and give me a tip on how I can get orders?


Regarding analytics, it will be down for another month or two.

Regarding orders, it is just game of patience and constant improvement.

And getting a job in real life.


i didnt understand???

If you want help you need to create your own topic.


is not a big problem, Fiverr was updating your gig so try to stay online I hope you I’ll get the order


Can you tell me how long the update will take?

Ok I see thank you Marina.

Thank you I will do so then

just patient like me pls