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Have not received a paid for item

Can anyone suggest how I go about lodging a complaint. I paid for an item through paypal from a seller, and I don’t have reference number to refer to. The service has never been delivered and he ignores my attempts at communication. Any suggestions on how to mitigate??

Thanks everyone

Reply to @celticmoon: Greetings this same thing happened to me. I did one task for him/her it was complete. I was then assigned another by the same person. I performed the task but everything is gone for that assignment. It is wiped out like it was never there.

On your dashboard across the top is a link to your “shopping”. Look for the order on that page and go to the specific order page to find the order number…it will start #FO. You’ll need that number to file a report with customer support. It’s also helpful to them if you obtain screenshots of your communication to the seller, showing that there are no responses from him/her.

suzannemaher said: The service has never been delivered

How long is the Buyers delivery time?

Has the order gone to "Late" status?

Buyer may be working on it, or have orders ahead of you.

When you say that you paid for a service from a seller through PayPal, do you mean that you sent a direct payment to the seller via PayPal or that you used PayPal to fund your account and purchased a gig through Fiverr?

If you sent a direct payment through PayPal to the seller, then Fiverr is not likely to help you, as sending off-site payments is forbidden under the Terms of Service, and Fiverr has no control over off-site activities.

If you purchased a Fiverr gig through the site, then like @CelticMoon said, you should be able to access the order number and contact Customer Support if the gig wasn’t delivered by the guaranteed deadline.

Reply to @celticmoon: Re: to the above post…Sorry but I just discovered my issue is more complex. Neither of the order numbers are in my shopping tab. It indicates that I have (0) under activity. However, it does show that I have $4.00 on account. Also on the todo it does list 2 assignments delivered. When I click on view order it loops back to the todo page without showing me the assignments done.

Customer Support…Manage Sales shows complete 1, delivered 1, and cancelled 0.

How do I get further assistance with this.