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Have not revived any respond to my gigs so far

Well, it has been a year now on Fiverr!! However, I am contributing my gigs in different categories such as Architecture&Interior Design, Voiceover, and Translation. For now, I have posted the 7 gigs in my limit and yet have not received any buyers’ requests!! I need tips on how to improve my gigs or how to fasten the process and to start working. The things are the days of my average response is a bit low as I do not usually receive messages, and do not have any feedback either, so I guess this turn off people, isn’t it?


Please change the category of your post to “Improve My Gig” or “Conversations.” If you leave your post where it is at it will be hidden by a mod.

Tips for Sellers and Tips for Buyers is for original tips posts to sellers/buyers. If you are asking for tips for yourself, do that in Improve my Gig.

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Gig: I will design and visualize luxurious bathroom
In the gig description:
“challanging” could be “challenging”. “Phhotoshop” could be “Photoshop”
“requirenmnet” could be “requirement”. “visulize” could be “visualize”.
“sktech/ drawing” could be “sketch/drawing”. “Visulier” could be “Visualizer”

Yes the average response time showing as 26 days might put people off contacting. If you refresh the buyer requests pages a few times a day you’ll probably see some some time. That should increase the chance of orders if you respond to some and it might increase the chance of receiving messages that you could respond to quickly which could reduce your response time which might help.

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Thank you!!
Do you mean if I contracting Buyers requests’ even if they don’t get back to me this might increase the quality of my time response?

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Hope fully you get you works soon,god bless you

No. Only the messages in the inbox/Fiverr messaging system affect the response time. What I meant was that sending offers could increase the chance of you getting orders and increase the chance that you will get messages that you could respond to very fast. But if they don’t send you a message you can’t reply fast to help with the response time/rate.