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Have Promoted Gigs STOPPED your business?

Just curious. I went from hearing from folks 15+ times a day to 0 since the promoted gigs started?


I, too, got fewer orders when I used gig promotions. However, many sellers are pleased with the results of their promoted gigs. I think if you have lower average sales, then it is not as successful.

I think I saw you mentioning it before and it’s one of the things that stopped me from trying the feature. Because for some reason it’s only available for my best-selling gig (as opposed to another 2 where it’d be more useful) and I don’t want to mess it up. I’ve only recently achieved a good enough balance with the orders it gets me.


I am not paying for it. I am far far to great a seller on here to have to! I’m lucky I have other ways to get business. I was (that’s what I have been told) always at the top of the list when customers found me. I take care of my clients here. If fiverr is happy not making $3000 a year from me, cool.

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I get it for those who struggle to get gigs. Yeah, my best selling gigs don’t need advertising.

I’m not even getting a single message from any new buyers. I only get messages from returning clients.
I don’t have this Promote gig feature enabled at all. So it has ruined my business.

Oh, I see what you are saying. You think that the feature has placed gigs that are paying to be promoted before your gigs. Yes, I believe that is happening too.

At first, it was for the gigs that had fewer sales, and then it ended up being for all of my gigs. I used up the Free $10 they gave me plus $2 more, and then I quit.


I didn’t use the free stuff. I haven’t had time. I do entertainment industry stuff and between everything I have a hand in I have been crazy busy all year. I just noticed it about 10 days ago. I made this post because I was curious who else was screwed by this. I have made this site a sh*t ton of money in my opinion. I guess the good sellers on here don’t matter. I say that because I get the gigs other sells mess up a lot of the time.

How would you know it has anything to do with promoted gigs?
The question is rhetorical, there is no way to know.
Maybe it’s promoted gigs, maybe some of your buyers weren’t happy and left negative private feedback, maybe there is strong fresh competition in your category, maybe you are currently on the unfortunate end of the gig rotation cycle.
You can’t know for sure, none of us can. You would find all sorts of based on nothing superstitions on fiverr. Like “don’t edit your gig” or “you will see more buyer requests if you stay active on the forums”.
While in reality there’s no data to support it.
It’s just our brains leaning on post hoc fallacy, due to fiverr’s algorithms being secret.

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I didn’t know that 3000$ a year (250$ a month) is a :poop: ton of money. There are far greater sellers who make at least 5000$ a month were moved to last pages with algorithm so I don’t think fiverr is concerned about how much money you bring them.


Well, at least I’m happy with my numbers now. And let me tell you, I ain’t happy with my numbers at all.

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I haven’t ever had negative feedback. All of my reviews are perfect and I know my stuff. Since I can place the date to the day promoted gigs started started. That’s how I know. as for competition, possibly I doubt it though. I’ve had non-stop business since April 2019.

You miss understand, that’s what fiver has made off of me. I’m their dream seller! I do the gig, on time with no complaints. If there’s an issue I fix it. There’s no drama.

I believe he was saying $3000 per year from the 20% they take on orders. So he would make $15000 per year on Fiverr, if I am not mistaken. Maybe I am wrong.

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Since covid started I had 3 days off. Last February I figured it would be slow… then bam! Maybe I am wrong, just seems funny.

Yes, and that’s low. I know sites like this can have down times. I just found it funny, since the promoted gigs started. Between the extra fees buyers have to pay and what they take from us, oh and don’t forget they take some of our tip money… the nickel and dime stuff isn’t good for us to the point buyers are getting bothered. It’s the biggest complaint I get. Maybe fiverr should value us, because without quality sellers, they are going to be in trouble.


I’m talking about private feedback, the one you can not see or know about. There’s also a bunch of ther factors to keep in mind. Maybe majority of your clients are from the US and with the election, uncertainty in economy and everything that is happening your niche is currently not in demand. I personally don’t think it’s the case, but that is just an example of another one of the factors that can be affecting your sales.

I can place the date to the day promoted gigs started

That is the exact definition of post hoc. If something happened after a certain event, it does not mean it happened because of it. It could be a temporary correlation.
If you were to collect more data, you would find out that many sellers here had a drop in sales before promoted gigs. Many, myself included, didn’t have a drop at all. There are several fresh topics about someone’s sales suddenly dropping at any given time, regardles of the new features fiverr introduces.

Also your profile suggests you had orders up untill last month, that is not when promoted gigs started, it happened months prior. They launched in july, if I remember correct.


As for private feedback, seems doubtful. Humblebrag, I am really good at what I do. I don’t allow average results for my clients. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe I didn’t notice and maybe it was just time for me to have a slow period.

I heard that promoted gigs get more sell than non-promoted gigs.

When I turned on this feature I got less sales than usual and my organic impressions dropped a lot. So I turned it off and don’t want to use it again.