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Have Promoted Gigs STOPPED your business?

My guess is the promoted ones are at the top regardless if the seller is good or not. I would think Fiverr would want their best sellers at the top. A promoted seller who does average work makes the whole site look bad. Just my opinion. I say this based on how many buyers come to me and say “I just dealt with someone who I had to fire”, that’s why those sellers need promotion.

This is not true in the experience of many sellers who have tried using the promoted gigs option.

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hello, please how did you turn it off?

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All you have to do is go to the promoted gigs tab and slide the green button to the left and it will turn grey like in this picture.

Here is my sad sad story, I made $1k in my first month when I started selling on fiverr, Then they promoted me to level 1 and awarded me with promoted gigs feature, I used that feature and still made $1k a month while I paid fiver extra $20 for promotion and $700 revenue came from promotion. I used that feature for 15 days and received a notification that gigs are not more promotable; right after that they threw all my gigs to the last page. I contacted Fiverr support and they told me that support team does not deal with promoted gigs issues. When I was invited to use this feature the email clearly stated that I can contact support team regarding any issue related to promoted gigs. And now I am down and down since 25 days and don’t know where to go. :expressionless:


I only use it on my low ranking gigs and have seen a couple hundred dollars profit a month.


This is the smart approach. Never use it on your main gigs. Just on those that don’t have a lot of exposure and which aren’t as important for your income.


I wish I knew that before. Now my main gig is down. I aint using it ever now

It will come back eventually.

At that point, use this new knowledge.

My gig is down after I lost the feature. Not sure when it will come back. But wont be using this.

Same here, no one knows when it will be back

I thought this ranking issue happened all of his gig even non promoted one too. So isnt it same ?

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