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Have sales gone down recently?


For some reason I’ve had literally no sales last week and it’s making me worry that I might have accidentally messed up my gig. (I made a few edits last week)
Is this for just me or have sales actually gone down?


Yes, no, yes. The holidays here in the US might be a factor


Yes, you’re not alone. It went completely silent for me too. And no, it’s not because of the holidays. Orders were aplenty this time of year, last year and two years ago. I remember still working on several orders even on New Year’s Eve.


I was very busy last 2 years when year end but this year, it is almost no orders , not sure why !


I’ve seen a nice steady drop in Fiverr generated sales (i.e. Customer’s I did not bring to my Gigs) My return customer’s are the same, my marketing sales are the same, but anything from Fiverr searches is almost gone 100%.

Oddly, a friend of mine’s gig has taken off in Fiverr generated search sales. 4 months ago his gig had 3 sales, 2 cancellations, and 2 late deliveries which ended in 1 star cancellation reviews. He left the gig for dead and hadn’t even logged in to fiverr since. A month ago his gig took off again. Better impressions than all my gigs combined on his one gig.

I like to follow the @jonbaas model and not rely on algorithms to bring me sales. I work to bring customers to my gigs, but I admit it is disheartening to see your numbers drop when you know you are working very hard to do good work.


I feel it has @aashishah. I’ve seen a drop in (new) sales over the past week. The only projects that I’m currently working on are for my regular buyers. I tried my hand at replying to a few Buyers Requests today. Hoping some convert. Have you tried that?


I’m seeing a drop in views and clicks as well, not sure what the cause might be. I have tried to see if I could send offers to buyer requests but I am lucky if I find one or two that are relevant to my gigs.


This really is strange then.


Yeah I think something is up with the Fiverr algorithm. Better not rely on the searches.


I am a new seller but my sales were rising steadily up until last week. Now everything has just gone silent after Thanksgiving.
Buyer Requests don’t show up for new sellers apparently, so I can’t do that.


Yeah same! My impressions are rising but clicks and views have gone down significantly. My gig comes in the first two pages too. I don’t know what the issue is.