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Have someone canceled there order but still used your product anyway?

Hello everyone -

My name is Tony. I’m a voice actor on Fiverr. I’ve been doing voice overs on fiverr for a while now. I love it.

However, recently I was given a BIG order. Over 2,000 words! I usually stick with smaller jobs but every once and a while I do a big one.

Anyway…the guy canceled his order! Now I’m out all the time I spent doing that big job and that money. (you see why I stick with small jobs!)

Is there anything I can do if I find my voice over for this product on the Internet and he still used my voice anyway!


Wow I hope that buyer doesnt use it. Best wishes.

Yep, you can file a DMCA takedown request.

When the buyer requested cancellation, he forfeited all rights to the delivered work, as stipulated in the fiverr ToS.

For more information on filing a request, simply go to this website: (note for sheriff: on-topic links are allowed as long as they do not solicit outside contact)

You can either pay a company to do it, or do it yourself. Personally, I’d go for the DIY option, as it only takes 5 minutes to write something up.

If you need help doing this, I’ll gladly guide you through the process (for free of course). I hate people that take advantage of freelancers.

In the future you can break the large jobs into smaller deliveries. Just let the new client know that you have a 300 word limit on a first time order. The second order is 600 words and so on. They usually understand. That also gives them an opportunity to check you out.

I have also sent the first 150 words as a test file with the quote with no obligation. This is just another way to confirm logistics on a big project before you begin.