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Have the option for same gig to appear in different categories

The very idea behind this is to not create multiple gigs for the same services being offered, the issue is Buyers post requests under different categories say for an example what is the point of having 3 separate gigs named “I will do data entry work” for you to be able to view offers in different categories, for the specific gig named this would mean Business- Virtual Assistant, Writing & translation- Research and Summaries and Programming & Tech- Data Analysis & Reports.
I just want some feature that could allow my single gig to be posted or adjusted under at least 2-3 different categories so that i could access buyer requests. This would reduce the gigs being spammed like same gigs being created again and again.

Or just an overhaul to the buyer requests area may be a better approach. It needs some work, that’s for sure!

Yes, a more better way could be that sellers have buyer requests available from all categories maybe and limit the numbers one could see accordingly to the seller level.

I think it’s silly to limit to really any category. I know it’s probably a security/spam prevention measure, but I don’t know how many times where my SEO gig didn’t match up with a person asking for SEO work. Maybe at the very least to match up with keywords too.

Exactly, maybe just give us (Sellers) an option to look up available projects using keywords as many of projects which you could offer are posted in irrelevant categories and hence we miss out on them.