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Have to rant

So just got to get a rant out, cause I am pretty upset. I just completely a custom order. I did an original animation from scratch 30 seconds long doing over 700 frames and 2000 keyframes. The buyer has partners and I’ve been creatively showing samples as the process was moving along, explaining and communicating each step. Showing samples of rough draft as it was progressing, getting the we like it, and its good etc… When I delivered the final product… I was told in a sentence, the partners don’t like it. it took me over 70 hours of actual work…(Animating is no easy process) I communicated through out the whole process, was getting the A okay! I just retained my composure, and calmly apologized, and told the buyer I’ll refund them and cancel the order. After I initiated the cancel, I was told… That they didn’t like the background, and that the animation was to long… I am just shy of level 2… I didn’t want to drag this out, because I knew at the end for me there would be no happy ending, so instead of even going that route… I just cut to the chase. I politely exclaimed not to use the video, as its not paid for, and left at it that. sigh I had my red flags from the get go, but… Live and learn! Just upset, I spent so much time on working not only to get compensated, but not even an acknowledgment that, hey we knew you were working on this, because you’ve been in communication for the past 2 weeks with us.

At the same time, I am not going to completely be sour over this, I didn’t get paid for my work, and spend time I could have been doing work, I would have gotten paid for, I did push my self creatively, and gained a lot of experience in the process. Trying to look at the glass half full.

I don’t know, just feel upset. I know some might say, I should have not refunded, but my choices span between buyer leaving a bad review, where I am so close to level 2… Buyer contacting CS… Either way, I wasn’t going to put any more work into it, because all the “issues” they did not like could have been communicated explaining those are things they want, when I was telling them what I was doing and even showing.

Man, why didn’t you contact CS? 70 hours of hard work for free? I’m shaking ma head.

I feel like, CS would say I need to work it out with the buyer, and preform the modifications they want, doing the modifications is no walk in the park. There is supposedly more then 1 person to the organization, and lack of communication the issues could have been brought up all along, such as can you do this and can you do that. Instead, I was saying and showing what I am doing, and getting the nod and okay in return. Should have went with my instincts on the red flags, about the whole thing.

Agreed, you should definitely trust your instincts prior to starting work! As for CS, I do understand that you might feel they wouldn’t have helped, but there’s no harm in trying–I think they would have sided with you.

Still, what’s done is done. Sorry you wasted 70 hours of your life!

I try to look at it, from a learning perspective. I learned to better trust my instincts. I’ve learned a lot new tricks in the process. I found ways to go around technical limitations and constraints. I am trying to say that, maybe I didn’t get paid for that time, but I don’t think. I’ve completely wasted it. Could have been doing other things then slaving for free, but instead of focusing on the negative. I try to look at the things, I got out of it. I could be crying, and whining, and moaning. Instead I am trying to take away from this as a learning experience, such as next time, I’ll be much more careful vetting custom jobs that require this type of work. I will also find better ways to secure myself so at the end, won’t be like we don’t like it… Instead I’ll have a more stricter strategy. So live and learn!

If anyone does feel bad, and wishes to help. I’m few orders short of level 2… So please consider me for your video related needs =)


Never do such large projects in the future…divide the work into small projects - 4 or 5 hours of work for each order.

Always trust your first instincts. Don’t even stop to question them.

Maybe they got what they wanted and now they also got the refund. This is saddening. Better luck next time.